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A little help would be much appreciated......

Creator: Osl112 August 7, 2011 3:37am
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Jul 14th, 2011
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Ok, I'm relatively new to LoL. I'm level 16; so yes, pretty new. However, I feel that I'm far below average for people around my level and continually struggle to get kills. Kills aren't necessarily the most important things in LoL ofc, but I should be getting more.
As some evidence for what I'm on about, here is a sample of some of my last PvP games and hopefully you'll see what I mean.
Veigar: Victory 1/5/8. Gold: 6872, Minions Slain: 53, Damage Dealt: 28k
Nasus: Defeat 0/10/5 (Got smashed late game). Gold: 6726, Minions Slain: 100, Damage Dealt: 67k
I also play a fair few tanks. Malphite is probably a favourite, Maokai whilst it was on free rotation was awesome. I play tanks a little better, though still struggle amongst people around the same level as myself.
So, I need a little help. I really can't see much where I'm going wrong, although I know I could better myself a hell of a lot more. For example, I should be getting kills with Veigar though I'm not... even when bursting. I should last hit better (the aim is to get at least 75 last hits within the first 10 mins of the game, yet I'm currently only getting about 30), which is having a detrimental effect on builds. I seem to be building as the pros do here on mobafire (I often have a build on my second screen), yet I follow it... and continue following yet though it does nothing for me. The way I play the game seems to be plain abnormal and although I feel I can read the game fair enough, I am just no good as a player on my own.
Any help is appreciated. I know I am only level 16 and will be nowhere near pro at this stage, yet I should be doing much better, even at this early stage in my LoL career. It gets a little irritating seeing people get 10-20 kills a game when it is an achievement only to get 1.
So... yeh. If you can give me any beginner tips at all, from playing style up to last hitting and so on so on... it would be very much appreciated. I don't mind being mentored somewhat, or even recording a couple of games for y'all so that you can watch me play. But nevertheless... I really need to improve or by the time I get to level 30, I will be food.
Thanks in advance,

EDIT: It might be worth saying that I'm on EUW and I go by the name of Osl112, if you would like to add me.

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