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AKALI MAINS PLEASE ADVISE - Looking to pick up...

Creator: Crymsyn November 2, 2015 12:12pm
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Nov 2nd, 2015
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Hey guys. I recently bought Akali and wanted to know how you started playing the champion and what you did to become a really proficient main with her. I'm still learning her and I enjoy her kit. Any general habits or techniques you used to practice her that you feel helped you become a strong Akali main? Top/Mid Akali mains preferred, please :)
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Sep 15th, 2015
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A good starting point would be to know the exact range of your Q and try to last hit with only throwing your Q. Second you should try to practice on the main combo, once you hit level 6 ( throwing Q on target, waiting for your Q to come back off cooldown, R on the target proc the Q and then throw another Q, proc that and top it off with an E ). Also know that W gives vision, so it can be great when trying to flee/ catch someone. And also keep in mind that if the center of the W is not visible to the enemy, they won't see you if you stay in the shroud. IT's kinda hard to explain, but let's say that you place the center of your W in a bush which the enemy does not have vision in, you can go outside of the bush, whilst still staying in the raduis of your W and they won't see you. Hope that this will help and feel free to ask me more questions.

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