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Analytics for All Gamers

Creator: AnalyticGamers March 10, 2019 8:50pm
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Mar 10th, 2019
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Hey everyone,

A group of friends and I have realized something after spending years and years grinding away at games to no avail; sometimes an outside perspective is best. We all know those moments where you feel you made an ENTIRELY justified call, I mean why WOULDN'T you initiate that team fight while Jax is top lane! But what factors didn't you consider? Were you not paying attention to his Teleport cooldown in chat? Or maybe not tracking the enemy Jungle with wards?

Well after years of flipping tables and working with each other to try and identify these faults in our play style, we wanted to extend these benefits to you. While we're not all pro status and prominent e-sports figures, we wanted to offer our services to review your play style and see where improvements might be made (tweaks to your laning strategy, itemization, masteries, ward placement, timers etc).

Long story short, maybe if you're trapped in elo hell it's not ENTIRELY everyone else's fault. Maybe you could make some adjustments, and let us help you identify where that is! No judgements, just honest advice.

-All services are PRO-BONO cause lets be honest, we got no cred lol
-PM us for more info!

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