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Another "Decent" player looking for...

Creator: f1rstlast May 21, 2012 3:44pm
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May 21st, 2012
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Hi, I think im pretty good, level 18. Wanna do ranked matches when I get to level 30. I normally play jungle(Lee Sin, or Amumu) or AP mid(Leblanc, or Twisted Fate). I have skype, and I am looking for someone to help me get better.

Thanks ahead of time!
The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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Hey, feel free to add me in game, IGN is The Overmynd. I can help you learn everything from basics to advanced tactics, its kind of what i do here on moba XD
Hey, if you liked any advice i gave, be sure to +rep me! Oh, and check out my Shaco and Maokail lorecraft in my Blog! I'm a starving artist in need of attention, so please feel free to read, respond, and critique me! Please? Anybody that leaves a comment (good or bad) will receive a +rep!

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