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Coming back from deployment

Creator: Henchman
August 3, 2012 8:03am
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First i want to say that its not going to be just for me but also a few of the other guys i play with. We are all on our way back from a deployment and have not been able to play the game for about 6 months. All three of us were around 1400 to 1600 players when we left the states in January. We are looking for someone who can catch us up on pretty much everything that has changed in the last few months and from the patch notes I've been able to read here it looks like a lot. I was playing AD bot and Support with an ending Elo of 1405 for Season 1. I started to play around this time last year and was unable to play very much in season 2. I will be switching to Solo Top my other friends play Jungle and Mid. If anyone is up to the challenge please let me know, im sure we can arrange something for compensation. We are in SoCal and will be playing on the USWest server.
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Im sure i can catch you up on all ur questions, no compensation needed XD Feel free to add me, my name is The Overmynd on NA.
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well first of all, thank you and your friends for your service
I've played a lot of bot lane and can help you if you want, you can find me on the NA side at Mooninites or Birkhum

also hop in the mobafire chat, you can usually find someone there
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