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Competitive play help and the strech from 27 to 30

Creator: autopops#144699 November 13, 2011 6:32am
autopops#144699's Forum Avatar
Nov 1st, 2011
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hi my Ingame ID is Autopops,

my aim is to be playing this game at a competetive level and to construct a team of devoted individuals with the same goals,

at present im lvl 27 and i play kennen / maokai / ezreal as mains how ever i will support with gargas and a cass if needed

im looking for a competetive mentro which will not be worried about telling me all my mistakes so i can be a better player.

please add me ingame if you would liek to help the cause!!!!!!
Joobieo#41288's Forum Avatar
Feb 5th, 2011
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I would suggest you play ranked solo q for awhile and see if you still want to play at a competitive level.. just a friendly tip.
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