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Critiquing my gameplay?

Creator: FunkMan
March 13, 2012 7:26pm
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Hey guys,

So I've played a LOT of ranked games now, and sadly, I am only around 1050 ELO. I have finally admitted to myself its not due to teammates, trolls, circumstances out of control, but because my gameplay is obv severely flawed. So instead of asking for particular champion help, I was wondering if anyone wanted to observe my gameplay, or play a little with me, and just tell me what i've been doing well, and where i go wrong.

Anyway, just let me know if anyone is interested. My best roles are jungling and solo top (I like tanky melee champs) but I've been trying to learn solo top lately. Thanks!
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Hey FunkMan, I'd be more than willing to take a look and critique your gameplay style. Just add me in game (IGN:Sanity Complex) and tell me why you added me/where you found me at (I do mentoring also so I get random adds often).
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Not sure if you're still in need of one to help you, but I'm willing.
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