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Dealing/Adapting to multiple bruisers.

Creator: E1nHaNDer
February 23, 2013 9:09am
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Nearly all my ranked games are carried by bruisers. It's almost ordinary for me to see a team grab 2-3 of them instead of a tank.

It's hard for my teams and I to deal with because we don't know who to focus down.

Just for a quick example I need help with -

How should I deal with a team with Vi and Xin Zhao/Darius?
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You focus the one who's more fed and since they're so tanky, getting The Black Cleaver in conjunction with Blade of the Ruined King on your bruiser(s) will help a lot as it'll shred their armor and health.

High crowd control teams that can kite/poke them down also help. For example, having a Anivia, Nasus, Lux, or Jayce embodies some of the above qualities. The way to beat those kind of teams is to beat them in champion selection.
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