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Decent support player looking to expand his...

Creator: BappleTrees August 18, 2011 12:09pm
BappleTrees's Forum Avatar
Aug 18th, 2011
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So, hello! I'm BappleTrees (US servers) and like to consider myself a decent support player. I lane well, ward often, and establish a pretty solid freefarm for my lane partner. My biggest weakneseses are I sometimes lose track of my positioning (following tanks through jungle, standing in bushes near enemies when I shouldn't be there to begin with, overextend while mid or jungle is MIA, etc) and I tend to play a bit too agressively (I smell blood!).

I play a LOT of Soraka, some Sona and Janna. I've reached level 16 (very close to 17) playing these heroes pretty much exclusively. The reason I've come here is not really to learn how to support better (although I'm willing to learn!) but to learn more roles, successfully. I've bought Ashe, Sivir, Twisted Face, Yi, Trynd, and Veigar in an attempt to try out and learn a few more roles... not very successful (although I did do okay with Veigar)!

My main reasoning for learning a new role is simply this, teams suck at low levels! It's impossible (well, at least at my current skill level) to carry games as support. I may change a team fight or two, I might save a few people's lives, but I can't really be the game changer. I understand that the enemy team may simply be better, and that I can't always blame my team mates (if anything I am very forgiving), but in the few games where it really is simply a problem of team mates, I want to have a hero I know will, at the very least, be able to make some kind of difference.

I suppose I am looking for a generic mentor, that plays multiple roles, and can help me grow as a player. I feel that by learning other roles, my understanding of what is going on in the other player's heads will increase, and therefore will also help my support play! If I know the timing of a jungler, or how much time passes for a mid MIA to be at a lane, those types of things will help me immensely as the level of players get higher and I approach level 30 games. I humbly ask for anyone more experienced than I to help me out! Thanks!!
beeread's Forum Avatar
May 21st, 2011
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go on the mentor list and add some people you are interested in getting advice from. when i had just started LoL i went on this site looking for mentors and i found a swell chap named xLiqur, i was testing champions at the time see who i was good and bad with, was really good with sona so i took on support and through many many many many many games with liqur teaching me everything he could i'm glad to say that i have come far because of him =). In other games usually if you master one role you've mastered them all because you need to know how the other roles work in order to master your own, and for me LoL has been exactly that, i can do everything efficiently except for offtank!

TL;DR just find someone good to play with

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