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Deciding on a role?

Creator: theerash February 2, 2016 2:11pm
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Jan 11th, 2016
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I've been playing league for about 2 months now, and I'm about to hit level 30.

I've played every single role (with success, consistency lacking tho), and I've enjoyed all but top (I feel like it's so isolated from everything :( ).

I'm leaning towards support but people have told me that support at low elo is so hard to get right as the skill level of your adc, etc isn't high enough to take real advantage of your plays.
ADC is obviously a great role to play, action packed from the get-go. I just find that without proper support i can get bogged down (I'm not good enough to carry tbh).
Mid - Some champs i can,some I can't. Matchups throw me off, etc. I feel i'm not good enough mechanically to make a real difference.
Jg - I've only really jungled with WW and i've had great success. Apprently he is not really effective once it comes to higher ranked games?

Any ideas you may have would be welcome!
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Depends on your goal.
If the goal is fun --- play what you like.

If the goal is to climb ranked --- its probably harder to carry from support. Mid and Jungle have the most ability to help out your team if you are doing well yourself.

If you decide to go ADC -- pick a mobile champ. Ez, Lucian, Graves. That way you are less reliant on your team to save you.

Lastly, pick like 4-5 champs you like and just play them. Too many people try to play everything instead of getting good at a few. But make them flexible so that you can play every role.

Annie - is like a perfect champ. You can mid, top, or support with her.
I used to care about KDA, now I care about CS and Objectives.
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Jan 31st, 2014
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About support, it's not impossible climing maining as support. Yes, it is harder since you have to rely on your team, so a bad team equals a lost game since you don't have the damage to carry them. If your ADC sucks do your best to protect him, avoid dying and try to set up ganks when your jungler comes near. Carrying as a support is in my opinion easy if you're good at it and have a few good members on your team. I'm not an expert on this matter so if you have any further questions you could ask them HERE.

The most important thing about finding a role or a champion to main is, as previously stated, is to enjoy playing it.

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