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(EUW) looking for a mentor for Top and jungle...

Creator: iYakamato May 31, 2012 2:20am
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May 27th, 2012
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Hi, im a low player who wishes to guided into the good players and find myself a team to play for.
i have general experiance in lol, but alot of teamplay experiance from Css.

I mostly play solo top, but can also learn to play jungle.

Solo top champions i know how to play:
* Darius
* Olaf
* Tryndamere
* Mordekaiser

i want to expand this list and hopefully become a vaiable top player.

can play support and mid, can be tought to jungle.

i was an idiot and started to play ranked as soon as i got to lvl 30 and ended up on 700 elo, but iv been working on that and got up to 985 over a short time, havent played the game that much, since i got to lvl 30 by using xp boost.

contact me here, in-game or skype
LoL - iYakamato(euw)
Steam - the_justise92
Xfire - Oogler
skype - yakamato66

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