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February 19, 2012 9:57am
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I am currently trying to learn Fizz and he seems really weak in the early game. What are some tips for early game harass that I could use to compete with ranged AP's?
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Max W. Don't give in to the, "only last hit" mindset. Because they are ranged, they will be able to last hit better than you do. Just focus on pushing down the minion wave. If you can do it post six, lane bait you opponent. Walk down/up towards the other lane and just wait in the island bush. Secure kill if they follow.

Use your mobility with Q and E to dodge skillshots and always be aware of where minions are if you need to use Q to juke a spell.
I've beaten Karthi in mid lane like this as well as Gragas. It's not hard once you get the timing down. Boot+pots helps as well for the sustain.

Never use the active part of W if you can help it unless you're committing to a kill 100%.
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W then Q.

As long as you can dodge skill shots without having to waste abilities, you should be fine. E is for the moments that will determine life or death, more specifically escaping ganks.

His Q makes it much easier to keep up with enemies. Just pay attention for the right timing. Use it for harassing. The active on W makes a huge difference when they start to get low.

You need high map awareness with him. The most effective way to play him is being aggressive, but you have to know where enemies are so you can be effective.
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