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Help: Top and Mid Lane

Creator: CaramelPancakes October 26, 2015 4:43pm
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Oct 26th, 2015
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I started playing League nearly half an year ago or maybe more and went until level 14, but I stopped playing for a long time and now I came back and managed to reach level 17 fairly fast.
Before I had bought Annie and Evelynn, which I used for mid and also for jungle in Evelynn's case. When I came back, I realized these champions just wouldn't cut it for me.
Why? Because I couldn't mid.
I started playing mostly Evelynn until I tried Shyvana on a weekly free rotation. After that I bought Sona and over time I became quite confortable playing support and jungler. At times I have to go ADC, which is rare, but I usually manage to do so, even if it doesen't go as well for me as with my two main roles. I just try to play defensive since I am not used to the ADC role.

Now this is where the problem comes. If by any chance I have to play TOP or MID lane, I am screwed. I can't do it to save my life. Even if I go TOP with Shyvana, since she is my main and all, I can't do it. Even if I play as defensively as possible in order not to feed the adversary team and concentrate only in protecting the tower until later in the game I always fall behind. Or I get too defensive and take longer than everyone else to get experience, or I try to go a bit for the attack and end up dying quite a lot.

Which is why I wanted to know some tips in order to do well in top and mid lane.

- I have only played mid with Annie and Evelynn and top with Shyvana, since they are the champions I have that can fill those roles;
- I usually do my best to place wardens so that the jungle doesen't gank me;
Phil Collins
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Apr 11th, 2012
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Top and mid are heavy snowball lanes so you generally want to play aggressive in both lanes to snowball. As Shyvana, you want to farm the first few levels before you start playing aggressive. Burnout actually out-trades a lot of top laners because it does a **** ton of damage. As to who you can or cannot trade with, this only comes with experience.

Depending whether or not you have runes, you can either start Doran's Blade or Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion, the latter being recommended if you don't have runes and vice versa.

Annie is really simple to play in mid lane. You just need to last hit with Disintegrate until you have your stun and then go in for harass. Rinse and repeat until you kill them. If they outrange you just farm with Disintegrate until you get a gank.
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Nov 10th, 2015
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Ok first you need to get a pool of champ that you play min 4 champ
After annie low level and elo is a very good champ but relly too much on flash ulti i explain my self annie with no flash or ulti is a free kill
in mid farm last hit with your Q ar*** the enemy with auto attack dont use Q to arr*** its too much mana when you last hit a minion you gain mana back.
always have your stun up for a fight use W and E to up the shield
Annie is good but she is too much all in for me

If i can advise you something is to buy at this level katarina mid
top use shyvana as you like her
jungle evelyin or shyvana why not

You should at you level try all champion to see what you like

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