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Help with Singed

Creator: xCorinth December 14, 2012 5:05pm
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Nov 6th, 2012
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So I've been playing with Singed for a while now and I like him a lot. But I find that his early game is extremely weak. If I don't get lucky in the beginning, then I have lost. I build him tanky with some Ap thrown in. But early game I worry on his mana so I can keep using my E toss. If I don't, people yell at me for being useless >_< I like to lane with someone, usually preferring top. If I solo top, then I'm screwed.

How do you play Singed? Any tips? I need them. Thanks!
my build:
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EXDKain212's Forum Avatar
Jul 30th, 2012
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OK... Singed could seriously PWN or get PWNED, depending on who you're up against. (Teemo says hi) If you want to lane with someone then make sure you know him/her, preferably using skype to coordinate the timing of flips. I find it difficult playing singed soloQ (apart from smurfing :P) because they don't know when you're gonna flip and you will end up wasting it, or get yourself killed. Rush Rod of Ages before the 15-20 minute mark. NEVER lane against any ranged champs. Singed has no range and can get harassed easily. I personally don't like Archangel on Singed because it takes too long to charge up with Singed as he doesn't have spammable skills. (unless you randomly switch on/off poison) Frozen Heart is a good item on him becasue it offers good survivability (armor, mana, health and cdr) Rylai is good because of its slow.
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May 25th, 2012
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ok wait till 2, spam posion and fling get 2-3 roa. spam laugh run str8 for their carries and yell SIIIINGGGGGGEEEEEDDDDDDDDD in all chat.
cutter's Forum Avatar
Apr 12th, 2012
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Hey, Singed is actually one of my main solo tops, so let me help you out here. Singed is pretty much pure tank and the best builds really only have one or two (maybe three depending on how much you want to hurt other tanks) AP items. Rod of Ages should be your first item, defensive boots being built during or after depending on how you're doing and you should probably get merc treds for tenacity; then comes your build choices, if you're worried about their AD get glacial shroud, if you're worried about AP get spirit visage now (it increases your passive health regen and which will really add up with your ult and your next item), if you aren't worried about their damage or if they do true damage get a warmog's; after you get the first of the three get the one that fits your second worry, then the third worry (usually warmogs here) and this will usually get you to a safe position and leave you with one more item slot, which you don't fill just yet as you finish your frozen heart. After you get all of that you can fill the last slot with whatever you need.
Also please note that's only for my usual games and you should change to the situation if need be. Any remaining questions you have contact me for. My in game name is necrosslicer
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