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Help with some decisions?

Creator: Chris1130 April 1, 2012 11:01pm
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Oct 7th, 2011
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Um, hi there. I'm kinda new in Mobafire (haven't posted anything, because English isn't my main language, I can understand it perfectly, but writing, well...) but I have been playing LoL for almost 6 months. I'm already level 30, got a little more that 200 wins (of 400 games -.-), and I can play at least one champion of each main role. And thats my problem.
I'm planning in getting into ranked games after get 500 wins, and I know I will need to be really good, able to carry my team (even with trolls or people that doesn't know what a gank or a ward is) and be able to play with several champs. So, I have come here, in search of help. I would want some recommendations about what champion should I buy next, and for that, here's my list of champs:
DPS Solo Top: Garen, Riven.
Tank Solo Top: Shen.
AP Mid: Ryze.
AD Carry: Ashe.
Support: Sona, Soraka, Karma.
Jungle: Warwick.
I know I have several problems:
1- Don't have a lot of practice with skillshots.
2- Problems with champs with "normal" mana. (With excepcion of WW and Ashe, all of them either don't have mana problems because they don't use mana to do damage, have a ton of it, or don't use it).
3- Haven't played an AP, that, well, builds AP >.>
4- An "easy" jungler.
5- A tank usually banned.
So, any suggestions about who to buy? Or wait for him/her/it to get into a free week? Or should I keep saving for more runes/another rune page (already have 3)? Thanks in advance.
The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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Ok, a few points here (this is gonna be a long post ROFL). First of all, your english is just fine. Ive seen Much Worse from people that claim to only speak it >.< , Second, you arent going to find trolls in Ranked (often enough to make it a legit worry at least) so thats one less thing u have to worry about. And as far as OP champs in lanes, you have a few, but i can give you some more tips.

Solo Top: Lee Sin, Olaf, Gang Plank, Mordekaiser, akali, galio
Mid: AP Ezreal, Leblanc, Katarina, Akali (those two are anti-mid midders) Ziggs once u get good with skillshots (Ez too i guess >.>) Morgana MAYBE (she is the nearly uncontested best mid, but she always gets banned so might not even be worth getting because of that)
Jungle: Lee Sin, Olaf, Udyr, Skarner, Noctourne, Maokai
AD Carry: Sivir, Corky, AD Ezreal, Vayne, Graves
Support: You already have 2 of the best, but for more aggressive go Taric, Alistar or (to be unexpected) Maokai XD. he is my personal main, i love running Kill Lanes with him. Mao is one of the most versatile champs, the only thing he really CANT do is ap carry and mid (even mid is up for debate).
Of all of these characters, who is "best" is up to you and your playstyle.

Definitely try your best to save your IP for runes and runepages, you can NEVER have enough runes (unless you have 9 of one kind... then u have enough of that one XD) and 3 runepages really isnt enough, i would recommend at least 6. Hate to say this, but spending a little cash is what i would suggest to build your base up. Good Luck, and good gaming!
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Dec 12th, 2011
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For top, I recommend Lee Sin, Mordekaiser, and Kennen. None of them use mana, so you won't have to worry too much about conservation. Lee is one of the better tops at the moment, Morde has a stupidly strong ultimate, and Kennen has amazing teamfight presence with his AoE.

For mid, I recommend Mordekaiser, Kennen (who you can also play top) and Morgana. Morgana has mana, but builds fairly tanky and doesn't really use her mana for anything but farming in the early game (she isn't really able to kill her enemy unless they're stupid), so you shouldn't ever run out. Annie is another mid character who shouldn't have mana issues, because her primary nuke returns its casting cost if it kills its target, and she has huge burst potential, but her range can make her hard to play.

For bottom AD, Sivir is both cheap and strong, and then just pick up another one or two that you like. Try them out as they're free.

For bottom support, if you want to fill out your roster with the best supports you'll need to pick up Janna and Taric. But what you have is fine, so I wouldn't consider it a big deal unless you enjoy support and want to play it a lot.

For junglers, I recommend Lee Sin and Shyvana, neither of whom use mana. Both are strong junglers, and Shyvana has one of the best clear speeds in the game. You should also learn how to jungle Riven, since you already own her.

Don't buy anyone, however, unless you've played them before. It's really a waste to buy a champ and then realize that you can't stand their play style.
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Oct 7th, 2011
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Thank you both. I already bought Sivir and played a couple of good games with her. With more practice, I can add her to my list of playable champions.

After that, I will learn to jungle with Riven, although I already tried it some time ago, and didn't really liked it >.<. But maybe it was because I didn't know how to proper gank, and the jungle wasn't extremely easy. Oh well, we will see.

If Maokai, Lee Sin, Mordekaiser, or Kennen appear in a free week, I will play, and probably buy them, if I don't suck too much. If Riot hates me, then I will just keep buying runes and pages.

PD: Any tip with jungle Riven? I know how to play her (AA between abilities, W to shut down channeled Ults, her Ult gives steroids and the second ability it's like Garen's one, etc.), but some advices with ganks, routes, stuff, would we really appreciated.

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