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How do you manage Runes?

Creator: Noquid February 2, 2022 5:46am
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Jan 24th, 2022
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You have the default rune sets but pretty much every build you look at is slightly different than the defaults. So that gives you only 2 homemade rune sets to make. If you import runes from various build-helpers it overwrites one of your 2 homemade rune sets, so you have to turn off importing rune sets. I guess you could buy extra rune pages but is it worth spending your currency on rune pages?? If I play Draft, you have no idea what lane you are going to be placed in even after choosing your 2 preferred roles. This has happened quite a lot lately, ending up with Jungle role which I really haven't worked on. How do people handle rune pages? Any advice appreciated.

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