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How to get higher elo?

Creator: amnesiaWreck December 20, 2015 3:03pm
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Dec 20th, 2015
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my name is amnesiaWreck and i got level 30 now for a month i think. I stranded in silver 3 and i am downgraded to silver 5. I am just wondering if i am doing anything wrong. I mostly play mid with assasins (leblanc, fizz, ahri,...) i win 80-90% of the ranked games my lane but still my team in whole is always going worse than the enemy team. I am just wondering if i am doing something wrong? do i ward wrong? just in river + 1 - 2 vision wards. i try to gank when i got time in mid but with leblanc u mostly have to kill the minions after u kill someone.

do i am missing something big why i keep losing? or am i just not ready for silver jet :)
please, masters of gold, plat, diamon,...d tell me :p

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Nov 28th, 2013
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Well if you just got to level 30 chances are you're still missing on lots of aspects of the game. It's really common that people get frustrated when they win lane and then procceed to lose the game, but that's often because they don't know how to transform that lead into a win (aka good mechanics, bad game knowledge).

You might also be misunderstanding what it means to win the lane. If your enemy ganked other lanes and got a lead or if you roamed and didn't get a kill but your enemy got free farm you won't be getting an advantage, even if you end up taking their tower first. Also you're playing assassins that might get outscaled by some champions (if you can't get a couple of kills on Karthus/ Twisted Fate as Fizz without dying, you're practically losing), or you might be to focused on kills and forget that farm also gives significant gold.

And by saying that you're not able to roam because you're farming speaks of lack of wave control. I'm not a mid lane player (literally my worst role), but I know that you should look to roam as soon as you clear a wave, or kill all minions faster as soon as you don't see the enemy, because he's probably gone and you should be ready to follow. There might be more subtleties I don't know, but these are the things that make or break a game from the mid lane.

If you like passively farming and 1v1 action you can always swap over to top lane, we have cookies :P

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