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How To LoL: Educational Youtube Series

Creator: SmartAlec13 March 21, 2012 12:06pm
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Mar 1st, 2012
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Hi, SmartAlec13 here.

Whenever I try to get friends to start playing league of legends, I always find it hard to teach and explain a lot of the things that go on in the game. This can be more difficult if they have never played any sort of game like it. I find myself constantly wishing there was just a guide or a video that would tell them more about how to play the game, maybe show them some gameplay. Sure there is the tutorial, but that hardly helps.

So for fun, I started a youtube series called "How to LoL". In it, I discuss some of the major points of league of legends, hoping that people just starting the game will enter in and not be completly lost. When I first started, my friends didn't help me at all. I sucked terribly and ragequit for a good month before trying again.

If you have friends who you think should see these videos, or your'e just bored and wanna watch them, then go to the URL below to the playlist :] Also please comment! Keep the thread going!

Note: I have just started using the software and just started the series, so it isnt much yet. Comments can help make it better. Suggestions for future episode topics or format are great. The episodes start off slow, since I start with more general things.

How To LOL Playlist:

NEW EPISODE: Episode 10: Bruisers

Topics covered so far:
-HUD Description
-"What is LOL anyway?"
-In Game Effects
-Roles in General
-AD Ranged Carry
-AP Carries

Next episode coming up: Junglers

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