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(I am a)Jungle Mentor.

Creator: ZeroGravity June 26, 2012 6:55pm
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Jun 23rd, 2012
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As you can read in the title, as long as you are not blind, which I cannot help you with, I am a Jungle Mentor. I can Jungle virtually anything, except of course things that REALLY, REALLY weren't meant for the Jungle. Such as Ziggs. That would be silly. I can help the newer players learn what Jungling is, and help maybe some older yet less experienced players learn to Jungle better. As some new members may not know, Jungling is an involved part of League of Legends, and you're gonna have to do it at least once, so why not learn?
Server: NA(North America)
Times: If you want to use me, we'll set something up. My schedule is never certain.
Time Zone: PST
Characters I Can Jungle: Everyone that can be in the jungle. With limitations of course. I hope you won't expect me to be teaching you how to Jungle Lux, because truly, that is stupid. Be logical.
Requirements: You have a Character that can Jungle, You are willing to learn, you are not an a**hole, or a d-bag, and you have a positive attitude and don't complain that "this will never work" and that "you are impossible to teach". That bugs me.
So give me a buzz if you want to learn how to Jungle, just send me a message on MOBAFire, and I'll respond ASAP.

Thanks to wRAthoFVuLK for this wonderful piece of art.

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