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i'm looking for a jungle mentor

Creator: king2bloo July 25, 2012 7:15pm
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Jul 25th, 2012
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I've jungled a couple of times but it was merely a matter of luck really weather i perform well or not
the problems are i don't know when to gank and when to keep farming
so i want someone who can show me the ropes around being a good jungler all around i mainly jungle GP and sometimes skarner if he's free
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Welcome to Mobafire.

Firstly, if you'd like help, go to
your profile and edit it, via the gears
icon in the top right corner. In there, add your
IGN (In-Game Name) and which region you play
on. Then it'll show on each post you make.

Now, I don't know what level you are, but if
you're under level 20, I would recommend that you
don't jungle. You won't have the best runes and that
can make it significantly harder to jungle effectively.

But as for ganking; YOU decide when to gank. What you should
do is, keep an eye on all the lanes and see when there's
an oppertunity to strike. Usually, a good time to strike, is
when the enemy laner is past the halfway line, on a lane.
This is because, if you gank while they're close to their
tower, then they have a markedly higher chance of survival.
However, with champs like Skarner, you can still use your ult
on them and pull them out, which can still net a kill.

It's important you farm, as a jungler. If you don't, you'll
quickly fall behind and that has it's own set of disadvantages
naturally. If your teammates keep pushing their lanes and thus
are right up at the enemies tower, then, depending on who you
play, how much HP you and your enemies have, you can choose to
gank or not. As I said, it's totally up to you. Communicating
with your team and asking them not to push, is one way to get
more ganks in. This is because, that some people simply get
overly aggressive and thus forget that they have a jungler,
who could help them get a kill. Thus, they might try play
more passively, allowing the enemy to advance. This is when
you should be aware and see if you can probably secure a kill.

Also, I can recommend Alistar jungle. With him, you need just get
behind your enemy to Headbutt them into your teammate and so forth.
On top of this, there's many guides on this site, to jungling different
champions. I wouldn't recommend GP jungle, as I think there's better
junglers out there, such as Nocturne, Shyvana and Lee Sin
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