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I'm looking for mentor.

Creator: cDgWombo August 22, 2011 9:10am
cDgWombo's Forum Avatar
Aug 19th, 2011
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Hey I'am semi new to LoL been playing for about 3 weeks all together, and I don't really know a huge amount about the game I would like to know or even what style I'm suited for. I would like if someone can help me? I stream often
if a mentor wants to watch and coach me!
Please and thank you
Darkmwoof's Forum Avatar
Sep 20th, 2011
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hey i watched stream you don't have that many probs its just how u pick champ and build Darkmwoof ad me :D
DuffTime's Forum Avatar
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Oct 31st, 2010
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First off, don't ranked with a champion until you've played it many times and understand it well. That's sort of disrespectful to your team mates who might want to win.

Mastery of a champion is instrumental to success in ranked games.

I noticed clarity and flash. -_-

You'd be better off with exhaust or ignite /flash.

That woulda been a kill on annie in the start if you had ignite. Also you should have flashed to land 1 more auto attack on her and secure the kill.

Also Annie did not get lucky when she flashed and killed you. That was bad play on your part, over extending into the minions. Tryndamere should have ganked you even earlier.

And then when Annie got strong, you didn't make any measure to stay behind your turret and farm defensively. You were consistently out in the middle of the lane. Instead of adjusting your play you complained about Annie and made excuses.

Your team was actually right, you shouldn't be playing ranked if you have to mobafire a guide for the champion. Take the time to learn her in normals first. If you had a better grasp of Cass you'd have done better against Annie, since Cass can easily win the lane against Annie if you play carefully.

In the teamfight around mid, you waited too long to flash in. You should have flashed and ult'd as soon as Shaco jumped the wall, BEFORE he became visible. They would have been stunned instead of slowed and died faster, which would have enabled your team to take less dmg and kill akali instead of dieing to her.

You do need some work on the Q's like Teemo said.

The death to Akali mid, they were all the way by Dragon. You need to realize Akali can burst you down before they can arrive and back off. Whether they were going to gank or not was irrelevant, that was your fault.

Standing around, AFK, eating... :P Why are you even playing ranked? You need to be farming at all times.

Again, shoulda b'd. That Akali is fed and you're squishy, facechecking bushes while 4 are alive. You got your whole team killed there. That's probably due to you being distracted because you're eating while you play a ranked game.

Not with the team again, causing them to lose a fight where your team has vision.

All that being said, I'm not trying to be a ****. I just want you to recognize you made mistakes which gave the lane to Annie, it's not Annie being OP.

I'm not watching more but, I'd suggest waiting until you've got like 500 - 600 normal wins before you ranked. You're playing like a fresh level 30, I'd guess you've got around 200 normal wins.

Best of luck!

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