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I'm new here! play? teach?

Creator: jedigavin February 15, 2015 5:50pm
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Feb 15th, 2015
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Hey everyone,

Registered just now because I am a b5 player working hard to get better at the game. Was really hoping to maybe find a group of players I could join up with for some games without any random players. That will give me a chance to practice and learn and experiment without the online toxicity. I'm very coach-able and learn quickly, so having some help I'm that regard would be great. I don't feel like i'm horrible at the game, but I still have a lot to improve upon. Thanks! Hopefully someone will get back to me with some info.
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Mar 21st, 2012
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Hello there!

You should probably say what server you're in. There's a lot of high elo players here on Moba that do coaching on every server as long as the person asking is willing to learn ^^
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Dec 6th, 2011
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If you're on NA, i'll be willing to coach you. Send me your summoner name and i'll throw you a friend request
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Feb 15th, 2015
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Thanks for the replies guys that's very nice of you. I play in NA server

Utopis, thank you I will PM you.
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May 26th, 2015
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I can relate to this almost 100%!!! My friends started the game a long time ago and encouraged me to start. I did, but they were already in ranked play by the time I started. I was very behind, and when I started the game, my friends started it for me so I never used the tutorial. The best way find out more information in my opinion is to find someone you know that plays and ask them! I did that exact thing and now here I am making my own guides and telling others! Here are some things to note about League of Legends:

1.) It takes time to be good!! Its not like Call of Duty where you get lucky one game and your amazing! When starting, make sure to focus on one champion. Get good at the champion and then you will learn more. I didn't realize this until I was level 25. My logic was that the better the champ, the more RP they were... so me giving Riot Games free money, I went out and bought $100 worth of RP to buy champions thinking this would make me a "pro". I later learned that focusing on 1 champion to master at a time may be the best!!!

2.) When playing League of Legends, ASK QUESTIONS!!! Don't be afraid to look like a noob. Of course you are going to get players out there that are as toxic as possible, but most players are there to help you. League is a very complex game. All of the professional League players spent years player, and most likely started when the game first came out. I still don't know what all the items do. Also don't be afraid to look things up, which I'm glad you came to MobaFire and made a forum post!

Okay; now to move on to some basics:

ADC: Attack Damage Carry
Examples: Caitlyn, Ezreal, Kalista, and Ashe
A champion (usually ranged) that carries Attack damage through his itemization.
Represents full attack damage equipped marksman, thus name Attack damage carry, aka ADC. This champion tries to get the most kills and least deaths (aka "fed") to have a major increase in damage.
*Usually played by more advanced players that know how to lead the team to a victory*

Top: Top lane (hopefully you guessed that one)

Examples: Volibear (Second Favorite), Olaf (Favorite Champ), Aatrox, Jayce, and Fiora
A champion (usually melee) that builds tank (Health and armor) through his itemization. Usually leads the team fight late game due to his large health and armor.
*Usually the easiest lane to start with*

Mid: Mid lane

Examples: Malzahar, Zed, Morgana, and Katarina
A champion (Mixture of melee and range) that usually is great late game. This enemy usually does the most base damage when starting the game. Itemization depends on who the champion is (see recommended build if unsure). Must have strong mini-map awareness due to a large amount of ganks (attacked by 2 enemies on either side) throughout the game.
*Usually a player who knows their champion well*

Supp: Supporter

Examples: Kayle, Sona, Blitzcrank, Lux, and Karma
A champion (Usually healer and range) who works to get the ADC fed. This player must work to trap, stun, or slow the enemy support and ADC allowing your ADC to get the kill. Players playing as supp usually are good with their champion because they need to get kills for the ADC in order to win the game.
*Any level player can play this position*

Jg: Jungler

Examples: Rengar, Elise, Evelynn, and Shaco
A champion (usually that can turn invisible, stun, or slow an enemy champion) who kills monsters throughout the jungle and works to gank lanes with their team. This player usually knows what they are going to do when starting the game, and usually if you have no jungler, you lose. This player is very important because he is needed to get your adc fed, your mid laner the win, and to get gold and dragon for your team.
*Usually a more experienced player*

I hope this helped clear that up a little bit! Now for more!

Cs: Minion kills

This is usually the abbreviation for minion kills. Minion kills are important because they are your main source of income, allowing you to build quicker than your opponent, and win lane. Mid laners usually have the most, followed by ADC and top. Usually the support has little because they allow the ADC to get cs. The jungler has little because they aren't in lane.

Drag: Dragon

Dragon is very important. This can be the deciding factor whether your team wins or not. Killing the dragon every 5 minutes allows your team to get boosts (From speed to tower boosts)

Baron : The Monster

This is the key to everything. Kill him late game when you have an inhibitor or 2 and you deserve the win. Baron gives you a huge boost to minions and your team. Baron is the most important monster you can kill.

I really hope this helped you!! Thanks!
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