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In Regards to Ad Ranged Runes

Creator: GenuineGoods July 13, 2012 3:03pm

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Jun 23rd, 2012
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I have all my ad ranged runes set, i just need to implement my Quints and i should be good. However, i am unsure which quits to get. Im stuck between Dmg, Armor Pen, and Movement Speed. Help?
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Well I take it that it's flat damage.
I'd go for Armor pen or movement speed.
Probably armor pen. But then, I have all of

Besides getting all of them eventually, I'd
say you should go for armor pen ^^. Unless you
poke a lot, damage can be great !
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Jan 14th, 2012
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AD ones
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