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Juicy AMA featuring yours truly - Elo Papi...

Creator: EloPapi August 3, 2021 12:08pm
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Aug 3rd, 2021
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What's up my fellow League of Legends enthusiasts!

I know some of you might be busy playing some spicy Heimer****er support or giving your team the quickest game of their lives with a Nunu Ghost+Cleanse combo, but pause for a moment because I am here to give you all the attention your parents never did :D

"Yes, it's true. For only $2.95 a minute, I will leave you breathless" - Jack Black.

haha but seriously, I will do it for FREE. You heard me F-R-E-E !!!

This is not me trying to self-promote because I do not get anything out of this, other than helping some artistic players in need of sweet climbing tips! If you do want to check my credentials you can see my dashboard for ProGuides at -

Don't think too highly of me though because I specialize in grey screen simulators :P

Now let's get to the cheddar and I'll stop babbling on like plastic 5 degenerate.

This is your time you beautiful monkeys! I will be answering all of your glorious questions. If you want to learn how to climb with Yummi top then I will be your guiding light. If you want to know how to escapes the depths of bronze, I am your guy. If you just want to call me a noob and tell me that you can't climb because of teammates then I will accept that.

This offer lasts until the Sunday, August 8th, and can be paid with 17 easy installments of $39.99+tax+shipping and handling; not available in Canada - see back of the product for more details.

Sample Questions:

1. Me bronze how climb?

2. Wut best champ climb silver adc?

3. how can I win when my teammates are always bad? (I win lane 100% of time)

4. are you really a papi?

5. why u like play Rocket League?

Or simply ask your own questions that have been itching your mind for a while.


Elo Papi

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