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August 22, 2012 5:48pm
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Hey, Can someone help with Karma as a support bot. I tried it few times, not as good as needed and not as bad as i though i would be, but i seriously need help with her just because she is complicated and I dont really know how best to position my self with with for more effectiveness.

Game Name: DragoNote ( NA server )

Thx in advance!!!!

PS: or just post some tips in here !
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I occasionally play Karma, and I think I've got some tips to share about her.

Always grab the first point on Q, then max the shield, taking the slow at level 4 can be useful but only max it last. In early game you should harass with her shield, a good Karma can keep the enemy AD carry and support at 60% health if they don't have some high sustain due to a healing ability.

In lane, wait for your carry to be somehow low in a fight before ult shielding him and ult healing him, it can turn a lost fight around.

If the enemy team focus you ( sometimes, it happens) wait for your life to be roughly 30% to place your ultimate shield then the ultimate wave, you've just gone back to nearly 60% health ( if we count the shield).

In a team fight, use your first mantra charge as soon as possible to have one charged up before the end of the team fight.

If your Ap carry is getting fed, ask them if they want you to grab a will of the ancients or an abyssal, both can be good for yourself and the team. I actually never lost a game where I got a WOTA as Karma support.

Besides that, I think that the usual support build is good on her.

Good luck!
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Karma is a gold-hungry utility mage who can be found farming mid rather than going bot as support. This happens because her abilities are that more relevant considering itemization (taking Karma mid may demand a damaging jungler rather than a tanky one)

The issue with Karma bot is that she doesn't do anything particularly well: her harass is surpassed by that of Sona or Lulu, her heal is surpassed by pretty much any other support heal, her W is relatively lackluster. Her shield is what goes for her, really (along with the passive).

An effective Karma botlane demands:

- Your lane partner knowing how you work;
- Good coordination;
- Mana management;
- Deciding well on the shield;
- Harassing like hell;

She works better with Graves (burst lane), Miss Fortune (nice chaseability/harass/mobility),
Tristana and Corki if you get the shield in exactly when they initiate, and she's quite nice with Vayne since she gives her that extra mobility and durability she requires.
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