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Liking Rengar the best so far. Anyone good...

Creator: Wuffles1 August 26, 2012 7:40pm
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Aug 26th, 2012
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Looking to get better with Rengar but I know little to nothing about what I'm doing. I can destroy in beginner AI mode so long as I have a decent start but intermediate AI just murders me to pieces (to the point of having people yelling at me).

Guess I just need general mentorship in things like jungling and how to play him better. The best guide on here is still only hovering around 70% so I'm sure the build is part of an issue coupled with my inexperience.

Have Ventrilo too so long as you're not the type to freak out during a match.
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Aug 26th, 2012
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When i jungle with Rengar i get Q fist instead of W and spam Q. Q will give you 4/5 Ferocity if you start on the Wraiths on your side and then go for red buff. By the TIme your at red buff your Smite can be used (given you havent used it on Wraiths) and you should gaina lvl to get W in which case you get your heal. Spam W with 5 Ferocity while jungling an the jungle is yours.

So this i my route...

Wraiths>Red Buff (no leash needed), Golems (next to red buff)>Wraiths>wolfs>Blue buff (given no one wants it) then back to Wraiths, Wolfs, Golems.

Easy lvl 6 Solely on your side =)

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