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Looking for a champ I like

Creator: Mrblurr May 13, 2011 9:33pm

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May 9th, 2011
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I've been playing for a while but I just haven't found a champ I like to play that doesn't completely suck early game (Tryndemere)or late game (Teemo).

I've been trying out Vlad, but he seems kinda...meh. I've been looking for someone who has a stun and can be good both early and late game, even if they aren't amazing. Preferrably ranged (at least in some regard).

Anyone able to help me out?
Drunut's Forum Avatar
Aug 29th, 2010
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I would highly suggest you try out Twisted Fate.

His Pick A Card, while requiring some timing and skill, is easy enough to pick up and by using blue-cards, you can sustain damage and mana early game. His Yellow Card gives him a powerful ranged stun as well, and if you rush for Sheen early game then his damage output s substantial, and once you build into Trinity Force and perhaps a Guinsoo or Hextech Gunblade, his late-game damage output is noticeable. Red Card is good for clearing creeps with it's AoE, but I don't use it often. The range and damage on his Q is fantastic, and I cannot count the number of times his Global Teleport/clairvoyance has come in handy.

TL;DR- Twisted Fate: Good early, mid, and late game, sustainable in lanes, powerful stun, Ult is Gank heaven. Make sure to build him Hybrid, and PRACTICE. There are some very nice guides here for a good TF, learn from them.

Glad if I could be of any help. :D
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Feb 15th, 2010
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