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Looking for a good Irelia player to get some...

Creator: hellbard July 26, 2012 9:23pm
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Jun 19th, 2011
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Hey guys, I'm looking for someone good at Irelia to give me some advices and, if u let me add u, spectate some games of experienced people playing her.

I'm not playing her because I'm not confident enough and I can do better with Riven or Olaf, which r easier imo.

Thanks in advance, and if u want to add me my ign is Obscenum.
PS: Sorry about the poor english.
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Hey there :)

There's threads which answer this
question, guides too. You can PM some of
the people in this thread perhaps, after
reading it

I'd suggest you not be afraid of playing her.
If you don't play her, then you'll not advance.
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