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Looking for a master as in somone better than...

Creator: ElToroVerde October 15, 2017 9:55am
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Oct 15th, 2017
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well i think the title explains everything but for clarification I've been playing this game for 4 years (lvl 30) now and i feel like I've hit a wall. all what I've learned so far has been through just playing, other players giving "advice" or the moba fire lists guides. i don't have a preference on what to be when playing (like top, mid, bot, sup, adc, jg) but the heroes i love to play are vi, yi, twisted fate, sion, jinx, sona, and ashe. my play style so far is reckless, uncouth and really needs refining. knowlege is a bit wavering, if you told me the name of an item i wouldn't know what it is, if you showed me the pic i'd probably still didn't know what it is. if anyone wants to help me out, friend me but i will say this, i'm not giving anyone anything.
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Apr 19th, 2014
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Try watching Youtube channel depending on your role.
Foxdrop has good content if you play jungler especially Lee Sin Kha'Zix Elise.
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