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Looking for a mentor(details in thread)

Creator: pokey142 February 17, 2013 6:52pm
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Jan 3rd, 2013
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Recently i hit 30, and while not owning every champ i own most of the champs from each role and no matter what i play in ranked we seem to lose. i am in silver ranked and being unable to win any games i can not progress as a player with solo ques or progress in my rankings. LoL has even become something i do not enjoy any more and i have come to think that, maybe its me? i am not the best player and i feel that if i was better maybe my teams could win more often. i will learn any and every lane you are willing to throw at me and i want to have a good time. If interested my in game name is Dusk Heavenrend.
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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i think your problem is playing ranked as soon as you hit level 30, you really should be playing a lot of normal draft games until your mechanics are amazing
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