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Looking for a pro mentor to help me become a...

Creator: UltimateHavok April 16, 2012 9:58am
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Aug 4th, 2011
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Lately, AP mid and ad ranged bot have been my main and favorite roles. I also wish to become better at every role, with solo top being my next favorite after the other two.

But for now, primarily looking to grow as an AP mid player. Currently, I'd rate myself around the 1400 elo mark if I had to guess. My actual elo is lower, but I don't do much ranked and very consistently play with 1400-1700 elo players and usually stomp in mid.

I sometimes have the problem, if I don't stomp in mid like I usually do, when I fall behind I have a hard time catching back up. Not always, but I think I'm used to winning my lane hard so when I fall behind I have a hard time staying even or coming back to win lane.

Currently, one of my favorite champs to play is Katarina. I want to focus on her for the time being, but some of my other favorite ap mids are Brand and Ahri. I can play a lot of other ap mids decently, so wanting to just grow overall as an ap mid, but with a focus on Katarina and Brand. I want to get better at counter-picking, learning champion weaknesses, ect.

I think I'm an alright player, but there's always room to grow. I know Katarina isn't always a good pick for teams, and is easy to shut down with heavy cc by good players, but I'd like to learn techniques to try and avoid that. She is the champ I have had the most fun playing. The sick moves I've pulled off with her, the pentas and quadras-- I love it. lol

If anyone thinks they can help me, just send me a message in game and how you want to work with me. I'm on quite frequently, and we can run some games, go over techniques, discuss theory, ect.

Summoner Name: UltimateHavok
I have skype, vent and raidcall, with skype being my preferred voice chat program. Vent is my least favorite, but I can use it if need be.

Let me know! :)
My name is Havok.
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