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Looking for: Advise to stop crashing down in...

Creator: S4ZZ1 June 6, 2020 2:25pm
S4ZZ1's Forum Avatar
Jun 6th, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I'm S4ZZ1, nearly 30 years old and fairly new to this game filled with youngsters that are much faster at everything! Started tinkering around once quarantaine hit and I have to say the gameis quite addictive.


Reason for this post is that despite starting out in gold after placements I keep crashing.. Currently bronze 2. Surely this is where I should be then? It doesn't quite feel like that.

In nearly all games I play (I'd say more than 50% minimum) either 1 person goes AFK after 5 mins or botlane goes 0/20 in less than 10 minutes. For some reason it's always botlane.. And consequently the team starts spamming forfeit forfeit.. Really frustrating to say the least. And then out of the remaining 50% probably only half is converted into a win. For some unexplainable reason this never seems to happen to the enemy team. (checking stats pre-game usually shows me paired with 4 people that never played their champ vs 3+ people that have lvl7 mastery... like ?? how is that even balanced)

I've been looking for duo partners on sites such as gamebuddy, but the people I get matched up with are usually similar to those that I'm mentioning in this post and they're below my level it seems. So that hasn't quite worked out.

I mainly play 4 champs: Shyvana, Kayn, Mundo & Nocturne.Out of which I enjoy kayn the most as he feels more versatile.

I like to think I generaly do well in nearly every game in terms of farm and kd, however once it comes down to objectives and actually winning the game.. I'm hardly ever really able to close it out on my own (if the team hasn't forfeited before that time, which is usually before we even lose a single inhib.. (nothing you can do when team votes 4v1))..

Looking at the stats at the end of the game I quite often have more gold than everyone else in the game.. I'm well ahead but since the rest of my team is so far behind and has long given up there is really nothing that can be done with it.. It's not uncommon to have double the amount of farm comparing to the enemy jungler as soon as minute 5 in the game and stretching that throughout the entire game. Additionally I often have the highest vision score on my team and if I don't it's going to be really close to the support.. (so I think I'm doing my part on maintaining vision and such as well..)

I'll stop here, it's probably nothing you haven't heard before.. Main question remains, how can I figure ot what it is that I need to improve on to stop losing nearly 75% of all games.. Surely there is a reason other than an extreme stretch of bad luck that I am still crashing even now that I am in bronze 2. I just don't see it. (Clearly I can see a difference between my own play and top players when I watch videos and such)
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Oct 28th, 2019
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Hi S4ZZ1,

I used be stuck as well and always struggled to win more games. But this was because I was playing different champions rather than picking one champion and actually learning the game.

The way to go about it is to choose one champion and one role to begin with. The champion should be one that you enjoy playing.

The way riot works is that once you start winning, the next game the enemy team will have slightly better players whereas your team will have worse players. This is to test you and see if you can actually keep on climbing. When this happens, you must play your absolute best and be in an optimal mindset. The best thing to do is play 2 games in a row and just stop after that, maybe go get something to eat or take a break. 30mins - 1hour should do the trick. Then, come back and play another two and repeat. That way, your mind is never tired and you can focus with maximum brain capacity. Remember to drink plenty of water as well since it will help your brain process information more efficiently!

The game itself is not balanced as it is impossible to balance something with too many possibilities and factors. Therefore, embrace the chaos and enjoy the game!

I climbed from Bronze all the way to PLatinum in about 2 years of constant practising and climbing. It takes time and dedication and you will most likely be stuck in Silver for a month or two when you get out of Bronze. Then, probably another 6 months in Gold elo and possibly a whole year in platinum. However, it's growing as the game grows that makes it fun and full of purpose!

I suggest that you focus on playing Nocturne for now, simply because his ultimate is extremely powerful for ganking in lower elo. He is one-dimensional and easy to execute. You must play Nocturne every game and you will subconsciously start doing things you never did before, such as predicting when your bot lane is going to fight and kill themselves. You will end up going there and picking up a double kill! But that comes with time. Usually after 20 games of back-to-back nocturne games, you will master his combo and abilities. Then another 50 games after that and you will master the basics of the jungle. Finally, 100 games after that and you will find yourself in high silver no doubt about that! You learn as you play, but the way to do it is to focus on one champion so that you don't have to think about the champion; nocturne is subconscious in your mind and you start to focus on the game itself instead.

League is a team game so the trick is to gank so hard early that even if your teammates mess up, they are so far ahead that it does not matter. Your own farm and kda does not matter if your teammate is going 0/20, so help them with their kda instead by camping their lane.

Use pings to try and get your team to go to where it's needed, such as dragon or baron. Once you feel you can tower dive, go and do it. No player really expects it since they think their tower is a safety net.

I hope this helps and keep going! Frustration comes with the game but over time you will just get used to it and forget about it.

Once you get to gold, you can pickup Shyvana or Kayn again. It's best to have a pool of 2 champions for your main role once you get to higher elo, since you can broaden your mindset on different skills.

I'm a Zilean Main and I play him Support/Mid and I'm currently stuck in low platinum! I have to rely on my teammates every game in order to win since I'm a support champion. Sometimes I get good ones but most of the time they aren't as good, but it does not matter to me, because all I care about is how I get better myself. I lost 8 games in a row but then won 10 games in a row back. That's league of legends!

Good luck to you on the rift!

PS. If you want to play support one day since you did mention you have good vision score and map awareness, feel free to checkout my Zilean guides!
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Apr 29th, 2016
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Hey man I'm a platinum jungle main and when I started playing 5 years ago I was saying the exact same things you're saying right now so this resonates with me. Because none of those things are actually true.

I felt the exact same way and I can only imagine now with how much more complex and fast the game has gotten being a new player right now must be even worse.

If you're willing to change how you play and what decisions you make I'd love to check out how you play and give you some pointers it's really hard without seeing what you actually do what you are doing wrong.

I could always tell you some generic stuff like "farm more" or "look at the map" but that's not gonna help you right now. so if you're interested no strings attached add me on discord sanmedina#9200 and we can get in a call some day and see what you can actually do

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