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Looking For AP Mid Mentor

Creator: DeadlOMFGBEES October 24, 2012 6:10pm
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Oct 24th, 2012
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Hello all! So I hit Level 30 awhile ago and immediately started spamming ranked games. I regret it, I'm down at low elo, and realize I've got to improve my gameplay if I want to climb. I jump around roles alot, but I really want to start focusing on one main role more. I like laning (that feeling of trying to beat your 1v1 lane opponent), but I also enjoy being able to influence other lanes and ganking, so I jungle alot. I feel like playing mid would give me a good chance to do both, since I could frequently gank other lanes from mid.

So here I am, looking for someone to teach me the ways of AP Mid. I play a good bit of Kat mid right now, but also have experience with Ryze, Swain, Fiddle Mid, and a few others. But I am very open to learning any new champs that you have experience with! If anyone is up for a challenge, I'm really willing to learn. I'm low elo, but I feel like i'm not totally hopeless. I have a pretty solid KDA in ranked (7.9/4.6/7.4). So let me know! Thanks! You can post here or just add me in-game (IGN: DeadlOMFGBEES). If you have any questions, let me know!

EDIT: Oh, also I'm NA Server! Sorry for not mentioning that
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Aug 2nd, 2012
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Aug 21st, 2012
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ROFL pimping me out, eh? I added you in game, I'll be online in 4 hours, but I have to go to a wedding this weekend. We'll work something out.

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