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Looking for Jungling Mentor

Creator: kavik December 25, 2012 1:56pm
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Dec 25th, 2012
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Hiya, my IGN for LoL is x Kavik x. So finally, after god knows how long, I hit 30 (yay). Now, the problem is that I didn't play many normals leveling to 30. I just started playing a bunch of normals over the past couple days as a jungler. I have been switching between every other role, and am enjoying the new jungle a lot more than everything else. I feel that I have been doing OK, but I could be doing better. That is why I am looking for a mentor to teach/tell me what I am doing wrong or things I can do to improve. Please feel free to add me on League as I will be on quite frequently over the next week.
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May 13th, 2012
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Hey there, I can help you out here my user is: packapunchmypens in NA but if u dont play in NA server then maybe i can just put some other main points to jungling. I'll also be putting up a [lee sin guide soon and i explain a lot in detail especially in the jungle. here are important things to know:

-Ask for a leash, I like to start wolves because you have a faster clearing time, and you have your teammates there as well to help you leash. Make sure they leash blue too. If you start red same thing, start with wraiths.

-Runes. Have the right runes for jungling most likely attack speed runes or it depends on the jungler. obviously AD jungles need attack speed/flat ad quints because it helps them a ton clearing out the camps. With tanks like Amumu , they don't require this because first of all he is not AP, and second getting Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed is really helpful.

-Always start with Hunter's Machete + 5 x Health Potion.

-Warding your jungle is quite an important part of jungling especially for people like Shaco they have the tendency to keep going to your jungle especially because they know they're safe... since he has stealth.

That's my take on the jungle, simple but important. Hope this helped, if it did +Rep would be appreciated.

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