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Looking To Play With More Experienced Players...

Creator: MyLilRafalca
February 3, 2013 7:56am
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Hi all,

I posted in the introductions section as well to say hi to the MOBAFire community, but I thought I would also post a message in here. I am currently Level 21 and would love to play with some more experienced players to get a gauge on where my skill level actually is. Most of the games at my level are decided by 1 or 2 players on one team just have no idea what they are doing, and end up like 0-5 with 10 cs 10 minutes into the game.

I typically finish with very solid kda, but I don't think that really proved much about my gameplay. So I thought I would post here and see if any level 30's (either on their 30 acct, or on a smurf) would be interested in playing a few games with me, or even observing a couple of my games.

I am mostly interested in learning about jungle, but also want to learn 2 or 3 champs in the other positions to be able to fill in when necessary. If anyone wants to play, let me know here or add me ingame (IGN: MyLilRafalca). Hope to hear from you!
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Join the MOBAFire in-game chatroom and ask if people want to play. Chatrooms are down next to your friends list; click the icon with a "+" at the bottom and join the room named "MOBAFire". There's pretty much always people in the NA chat, and it tends to be fairly active during peak hours, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding some people to play with.
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