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looking to skirmish?

Creator: Six Nails January 17, 2012 2:01pm
Six Nails
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Jun 1st, 2011
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hey all im looking to find a group of people to skirmish with.

I just barely broke the bronze tier barrier with like 1252 or something like that and im not gonna lie, i definitely deserve to be in elo hell.

For a while i thought i didn't, but now i know better.

So im stuck in this situation where i want to get better with champs to play ranked with, but when i play them in normal more than half the time im playing against opponents that wouldn't be laning with men ranked (such as me playing xerath mid, against say taric).

so instead of wasting 45 minutes in a useless normal game, how about we just find ppl that want to 1v1 for better lane training.

top mid bot ill learn it all.
I just ask that you have a mic.

If your way better than me, maybe you can teach me some things, or just pound my face in the dirt.

if your way worse than me, i can show you what i know. sound good? Six Nails is the name, add away!

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