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Lots of questions. . . low level summoner...

Creator: CJWalker August 14, 2012 4:25am
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Aug 5th, 2012
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Soooo, after a short time of playing this game, and looking at the guides etc. . .I have a lot of questions.

So I looked at a lot of the guides on mobafire and youtube and learned a lot about the game. unfortunately, that does not really equate to much at the lower level random solo que games, I tried looking on this site for some strategy guides on that but I found nothing. so Ill ask here

1.What do you do if your lane partner (and enemy) starts off the match by hiding in the bushes in lane to attack the enemy? Do I help? Do I just let him get killed? (after all he is overextending right?) a lot of times Ill see my teamate get face checked in the bushes (!) -.-

2.How do you last hit minions when:
a) your lane partner auto attacks them all and doesnt stop auto attacking.
b) your enemy pretty much does the same thing, pushing your lane to the turret
a lot of times I keep trying to last hit even when my enemy is pushing lane, but I still end up a level down sometimes. (with cs about the same as Im still figuring out which champ I like etc. . .)

3. What do you do when your lane partner pushes the lane waaaaay too much and overextends?
I don't want to over extend and get ganked

4.when is the best time to get blue/red buffs?
there is no jungling going on at lower levels and it seems that its just whenever people feel like it I guess.

5.How do you deal with some of the following top and bot lane (to a lesser extent) issues:

a)how the hell do you even do duo lane top effectively?
b)what do you do if you are a top lane champ in top lane but your partner in top lane isnt ranged, and the top laner has at least one ranged or both ranged champs, zoning you out completely? I would try calling for a gank, but. . . yeeaaaaah 99% of the time not gonna happen, as they are mostly concerned with killing the enemy, ignoring cs etc (unless you get smurfs on your team ;))

Usually with bot lane Ill take a champ that is good in bot lane (e.g. ashe) BUT, sometimes I dont and top lane gets taken... so Im stuck at bot lane with a champ that needs to be in top...

6.SUPPORT! How do you do support bottom with a lane member that:
a) constantly auto attacks the minions
b) facechecks the bushes at the start, or just engages in fights to the deaths with the enemy opponent
c) just runs waaay off somewhere chasing a champ with low health (hell or even 50% health)
d) deal with being zoned out (i.e. the laning oponent has no range )
e) deal with zoning out the enemy when their aim is to kill you , not farm cs
f) play SONA as bot suppot in low level solo q (I really really like her)

7. Anything else I may have missed that would help me in low level solo q games...I feel that since I know how to play the game by looking and researching, that I should be mopping the floor with everyone else, but. . .not really...

Mid is pretty easy so I have no issues there, save for the fact that everyone wants to do mid lol

Anyway, yeah thats a lot of questions that have been bugging me for a while.

thanks for taking the time to read and answer them! Looking forward to some enlightenment! :)
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Aug 12th, 2012
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1. This is why I chose to play support...I normally just join in, and run the hell away, if and when things turn brown.

2.a. another reason to why i play support. You can't do anything but try to beat him to it. Auto-attacking isn't optimal, last-hitting is. you can try to steal his CS by last-hitting whatever he's auto-attacking.

2.b. it's actually good to be pushed back from time to time. it extends the laning phase, allowing you to farm more. but if you really want to prevent this, then you'll have to zone them out. zoning allows you to deny your opponents the benefits of CS, giving you an upper hand. watch this video for guidance:

3. Only push forward, if you're confident that you won't get unpleasant surprises. Said confidence can be increased through the purchase and placement of wards. Basically any good support guide can tell you where to drop your wards.

4. Determining whom among your teammates gets the red/blue buff depends on your group make up. my friends and I normally go with AD carry= red, AP carry= blue.

5.a. no idea... I play support, so I go bot with the AD carry.

5.b. play conservatively, hit the jungle once in a while.

6.a. ward, heal/buff your partner, zone enemies. in that order.

6.b. same thing with #1. if you can no longer support him in any way possible, just run and let him die...his fault for being impatient.

6.c. if you know that the two of you can pull it off (e.g. you have backup, , then go for it. if not, then double back.

6.d. play conservatively and poke, when safe enough to do so.

6.e. then don't bother zoning too much. bring this to the attention of your team, and try to organize a few demoralizing ganks.

6.f. I've found support to be really fun, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. if you want a nice guide tom playing Sona, then try Mowen's "faceroll support" guide (just a matter of preference, you might find other guides more helpful). if you truly want to play support, then I suggest trying Soraka out. she's by far the most used-friendly support out there. Sona is really good, but she's a little trickier to play.

7. remember that it's just a game, and that there are no real-life consequences to be truly angry about.
I find "comparing epeen" trivial, so I play support.
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Mar 10th, 2011
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1. you decide, do you want to fight that early? yes [] no[]
yes-> fight. check enemies summoner spells and compare to yours. if you get to know the champs better you'll eventually be able to figure out who will win this early fight (imo this is the worse option, pick no for safety reasons)
no-> stay at your turret and wait for minions.

2. that's hard. think of it as learnin to last hit in extra hard mode ...

3. stay in the brush and run when you see the jungler, unless you can kill him

4. early game, whenever you are able to make it without losing to much exp/gold from lane
late game, whenever it is up

a) bot, ad+support, only ad hits the minions.
top, look answer to nr. 2

b) stay patient and wait. you can go jungle, you can gank mid or you can go aggressive (best to do it as early as possible) melee champs usually beat ranged champs early

a) build ap/ad and do as answer to nr.2 says
b) stay a little behind him but dont check the bush with him, so you are safe and can back if necessary
c) ignore him, play your game, while he is chasing you can take creeps = profit
d) I'M IS NOT UNDERSTAN EL QUESTIONO! unless you can apply answer 5)b) here.
e) Im not sure if I understand this question either. If I do then you can always bait them into your minion wave, they will take more damage, you kill them -> profit.
f) well no idea what you ask again, lmao. If you want to know how to play sona look up some guides

7. play 1vs9. you can't trust your teammates. think of it like you are playing alone. ks if possible, take all the minions if you need, take buffs if you need. and carry. after you won you write /all easy noobs, l2p
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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1) Depends if your lvl 1 engage is stronger. If you can force one force one. If you know you can't win tell him to back the hell out.

2a) This should never happen as the only duo lane is a bot lane... If you're playing the AD carry and your support is taking cs just tell him to stop. If you're the support you shouldn't be taking cs.

2b) Learn to last hit at tower. Generally you want to autoattack melee creeps after 2 turret shots and autoattack a caster creep before it gets hit by tower once then hit again.

3) Again should never happen unless in bot lane. Tell the support to ward around so you can escape when you need to. Supports should start with wards after all.

4) Get em whenever your lane is pushed and / or if you're roaming I guess.

5a) I have no ****ing idea. I guess just harass whenever possible and engage when you know you can win.

5b) Play passive when farming and go all in when harassing. When you're melee you generally are stronger than the ranged enemy in real engages if you're able to get close to them.

6a) Don't support
6b) Tell him to not do that
6c) Tell him to not do that
6d & e) I don't get this.

7) After you're fed, push your lane, roam around, and kill ****.
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Feb 7th, 2012
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1: Depends on your lane. If one of you has stun and/or exhaust, and the other has damage, go for it... unless you are dealing with a double tank lane for some reason.

2a: Treat his like a oversized minion if you are more skilled than him and steal his CS.

2b: Learn to last hit under towers. A melee minion takes 2 tower hits and an autoattack to die, and a caster minion takes a tower hit and 2 auto attacks.

3: If you believe a gank is coming, spam the hell out of the retreat ping. He should get the idea...eventually. If he doesn't, well, only he dies.

4: At lower levels, grab them when you can. If you are AD based, grab red. If you are AP based or have mana problems, grab blue.

5a: Well, I think a bruiser + pure tank lane could work. A Garen+ Rammus lane would be an example. Just make sure that there is only one or less of each aura item.

5b: They tend to trade their range for survivability. If you can get in close and personal with them, well, kill them. If you can't, play safe, last hit, and wait for that inevitable mistake and punish it.

6a to 6c: Communicate with your teammate and discourage him from doing that. If he doesn't listen, you can't really do anything, so report him after the game for refusing to communicate with team and hope he learns to listen.

6d: If you are getting zoned out, wait for a slip up, and destroy their zone. In higher-level games, this is the time you call in a gank. If they are getting zoned, good job, just make sure it stays that way and let the AD carry farm minions.

6e: You don't zone out a kill lane. You make them mess up. You turn around their aggression and get a counter kill. Not a lot of these work at lower levels because of the coordination they take, so that should be easy. Also, minios can kinda hurt. Keep that in mind.

6f: You don't have a 2 support lane. If you get that, well, nobody will blame you for quitting champ select.

7: Everyone on your team is an idiot until proven otherwise, and everyone on theirs is a <2k ELO smurf until proven otherwise. Also, supports have a specific mindset, check out the guide from my signature to see my take on that.

P.S: Don't play pure support before level 15. The teams are too stupid to use a support before then.

Did I help you? Do you feel nice today? Take a look at my guide,I would really appreciate it.

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Aug 5th, 2012
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Awesome, I realized that I wrote one or two of the questions wrong: 6d) deal with being zoned out (i.e. the laning oponent has no range) I think I meant to say "(i.e. the opponent has long range and you dont) but I think you all answered that.

About zoning, out, I actually watched shurelys zoning video a while back and totally understood it. . .just at these low levels in solo q, it doesn't work, you try to zone out the enemy, and they attack you anyway, and usually the teamate doesnt really help you, or he helps you and goes overboard and gets himself killed (by running after the teamate) or you get help but they can kill me faster than I can kill them, or we trade off killing each other... it almost never happens like in her video lol.

Anyway yeah, I guess pretty much the mantra is, "if they do stupid stuff, let them die"

especially with the whole fighting the enemy at the start, I'm not for all of that, as most of the time my lane members die or get me killed when I help. so Ill just be waiting for the minions.

if the enemy pushes me too hard, then Ill wait at the turret and last hit

if they take the turret too early either from my lanemate dying a lot, or deciding to jungle leaving me 1 v 2 Ill just farm closer to my base untill we start doing teamfights

with last hitting minions, Ill probably roll tank, so that I dont need to get every cs and practice out CSing my lane mate when he auto attacks and when he pushes too far, Ill ward the bush or not go that far and get blue or something. if not, ill just hang back and chill.

support. . . yeah Ill play support at level 30. Or just with friends only.

thanks for the tips! Ill be using those to help me out.

p.s. I just found the IGNORE button (when you press tab to view items of enemies and teamates, there is a talk box icon) that made my day

Teamate Dr.Mundo(who decided to jungle at lvl 7 summoner level): "OMG Udyr you have no DMG you noob" (as we lose a 2v3 teamfight)

Me: "welcome to my ignore list" (he was annoying throughout the whole game)
Me: *clicking the ignore button*

I go 7/3/16 pretty much wining the game for the team with 11.2k gold and 116 cs
and noticing that as a tank, I did my job (read the tank commandments guide on this site) and even though I had 3 deaths, I still died the least on my team, got a ton of assists, and most of my team got lots of kills because of me.

yes I love the ignore function. Makes this game . . .playable.
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Aug 10th, 2012
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That's why I use Burst of Speed or play support.
Thanks to jhoijhoi for the sig(s)!

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