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Need directions and help to get out from ELO hell.

Creator: Draglino August 22, 2011 11:51am
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Mar 5th, 2011
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Yeah here i am again. Well I improved my playing and i am better now. I am reading all the guides to get out of ELO hell. Everybody says that you should improve how you play, etc. Thats what i was doing till now. I'll post everything that i think i have to and post a few questions and want you guys to tell me how can i improve my playing further. But just before starting, I'd like to apologize about my non-fluent English and this post may be a HUGE wall of text after I finish it. Please read it if you want to help. Anyway, lets start.

I stopped playing for a day and tried to find an answer to that holy question. " How the hell am i gonna get out of this ELO hell? " Well, there were some answers inside my head.

1st Answer - Improve how you play with your MAIN champ. You must MASTER him or her and be able to build him from inside your head, including his masteries, etc. You should know WHY are you getting those items or masteries when you build him.

So what i did was, i mained Jax cause he looks like he can at least 3v1 people if you farm first 20 mins in my very low ELO. After that, i started researches about builds. As you can guess, i watched all Dyrus' Jax guides, read some of them. Learned how OP Jax was back in beta days, now how should you build them. Why do you buy Doran's Blade? Why do you even need Strength marks when you can Armor Pen? After several weeks, i really learned him. Not mastered but i can say that i learned him.

2nd Answer - Find another character that you can play besides your main. So if your main gets banned or picked by somebody else, you can choose that champ. That character should be strong enough to 3v1 in my low elo so my team can finish 2 others and we can win.

What i did was, I bought Akali. She's so powerfull in depths of ELO hell and can snowball really hard. Though I can't really play her, I'm learning and she looks like she's pretty hard to use. She's hard to use for me because I get panicked while doing combos. I failed to lane against an AD Warwick 1v1 and that really sucked. So lets move on.

3rd Answer - Learn 1 or 2 champions from each category so when you get to the ELO that has team composition, you can shine.

Well, my ELO is 902 right now. You can't really see a team comp with 2 offtanks in this ELO. If you are last pick and get anything else instead of Tank, one of them dodges no matter what and if you get Tank and do everything you can, you still fail because your team can't do much damage. I decided not to play Tank till i get to 1300 ELO because if i don't carry the team, team fails most of the time. Anyway, I made a list for myself;

Tank - Amumu, Rammus ( Also I can jungle well with both. Have a finish time of 4:00 - 4:10 )
AP - Akali, Orianna
Ranged AD - Ashe, Tristana
Jungler - Udyr ( 3:34 finish time :) ), Xin Zhao, Fiddle ( if we need AP jungler )
Support - Janna ( still need practice )

Also bought another rune page and adjusted them as AP, Jungler/AD, Jax so i have a rune page for every champ. Set up mastery pages for every one of them.

4th Answer - Learn the Game.

Yeah this is a huge answer. I started with learning champions. I'm re-trying every free champion in a week to learn their skills so i can counter them. Started learning how counter-picking works. For example that Soraka is a counter-pick for Karthus. Veigar can kill a Vlad because he can stun him even if he uses Sanguine Pool, etc.

Learned what is double-mage setup. How can team comps without double-mage work. What are the roles and what they must do. Counter items for specific champions like Quicksilver Sash to counter WW, Malz ulti or Sword of the Divine to counter an enemy Jax.

I started practicing last hitting and how important it is to last hit. I started thinking about the cooldowns of the champions that i face in a lane. For example if i get a Vlad against me, I know that i can kill him early levels because he has long cooldown in Transfusion.

I started to learn the importance of Dragon, Baron and buffs. Learned that Dragon spawns in every 6 mins while Baron spawns in 7 so I keep the time and know exactly when they will respawn. I get Dragon for my team whenever i can even if they don't care. I leave blue buff and red buff to people that need them most.

Learned where should I ward and started to ward my lane as much as I can. As a jungler, I started warding their buffs so i can counter jungle them and steal their buffs. I learned to check minimap to see where enemies are. I don't push that bot lane anymore when i can't see at least 4 of them in my minimap.

5th Answer - Learn how to behave.

Don't rage at your teammates if you can't get that kill. I learned that it's better to have 1 kill and 1 assist instead of 1 kill. I don't care if anybody steals my kill as long as we win the game. I tell people what they should do and say " Good job " or " Great work " when they do something good. I tell people to put wards in their lanes if they don't. I learned that if you say politely enough, everybody will listen to you.

6th Answer - Put up some rules for yourself.

- Don't play Tanks till you get to 1300 ELO.
- Don't rage at people because they didn't choose what you want.
- Don't play more ranked games if you have lost 2 times in a single day.
- Practice your champions in normal games.
- Play at least 1 Ranked and 5 Normal per day.
- Try to communicate with your team in ranked games.

Questions -
1 - Is it really OK for me to ONLY play a champion that can carry a team?
Because if i play a champ that i can't carry like Amumu or Rammus I lose. I lost every game that i played as a tank and not because I failed. Because my team failed. For example i played Rammus recently and i said i am going to initiate a teamfight. They said ok. I waited for us to group up and got the other team near Baron. We had 2 real fed dpses, Ashe and Annie. I looked if they had their ultis, they had them. Annie also had her stun. I entered with powerball and used my ulti so i can damage nearby enemies while i tank my carries. Their AP carry used everything he has on me and i taunted him afterwards. I was pinging the carry but when i looked at our carries, they were still at the bush. I died there 3v5 along with my 2 teammates and our carries attacked a minute after we died. They died aswell. In the SAME game. We were going to a teamfight at bot lane. We did 3v5 while other 2 were farming minions. I pinged like hell so they can see that we're in a teamfight but that didnt help. We died and they didn't see we were fighting at all. Guess what? We lost that game.

2 - Are there any advices you want to give to me?
Please don't say you MAY belong to that ELO. Because I think if somebody wants to improve, their ELO is better than that. I don't think i belong to 900 and also I don't think i belong to 1800. I need to improve my game alot more if i want to say I belong to 1800. But i need more advices and directions to get out from this ELO hell. What can i do more?

3 - How should Akali be built in 900 ELO?
Yeah i know there are alot of guides about Akali and some of them are really good. I like the offtanky ones that build Rylai first. But that's not enough in my ELO. I think if i snowball in my games, i can do better. But i don't know how to build like that. I'm not asking about the perfect Akali build. I'm asking about the Akali build that 900 ELO people can't counter.

4 - What kind of Rune Page should I have for Akali?
This is pretty straightforward.

I really thank you if you read this HUGE wall of text. I'm waiting for answers, advices and directions. Thank you all...
Hershyy's Forum Avatar
Jul 18th, 2011
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I'm gonna try to answer all your questions right now.
1.It's perfectly fine if you trust in your ability to carry the team, but you should pick what the team needs. But no matter what position you have to play(support/tank/carry) you for sure want to pick your best/most aggressive of that particular position because for me relying on the carries is not always best.

2.Advice? Farming. Early game farming is very important for everybody. Learn when and when not to chase. And map awareness is very important.

3. I use the same akali build most of the time which favors mostly ap. My finished build usually looks like Boots of Swiftness, Rylais, Deathcap, Hextech Gunblade, Lichbane, and depending on the actual game i'd have a mejais or abyssals or even a rageblade(helps pushing). Sometimes you gotta build more defensive, but for me akali is one of those all out damage champions.

4. You definitely want Magic Pen marks. And personally I just go flat ap for the rest. It opens 1/2 of your passive and to open the other half I simply buy a dorans blade. Nothing else really helps akali other then flat hp armor or magic resist, but again I like to play akali in the strongest way possible.

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