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need help/advice agaisnt fed enemies.

Creator: MCFOB August 28, 2012 4:41pm
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Aug 28th, 2012
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First time post here, tried looking for similar thread, but cant find any.
I am currently playing with lvls around 20+. hate it when teammates feeding enemy from the early game,.
I most hate fed trynamere, thronemail works but i normally wont buy them till late game. frozen heart i cant see how much different it makes.

most of the time i play rumble and katarina or just apcarries or aptank.
need some advice what to do please?
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Jul 21st, 2011
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hahahahahahaha. I main tryndamere and I can tell you exactly how to shut him down. this is very simple... Have your team focus him and when he ults dump tons of cc on him so he can't get away. As far as items go frozen heart plus thornmail plus randunins omen will completely shut him down. just hug ur turrets and kite the hell out of him.

Hope this helped
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be nice :)
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Sep 19th, 2012
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Lol mariopwns
You have two choices, Either tank like a mug,
Or to out damage Tryndamere and pin him with lots of CC Ashe is great for Kiteing and CC'ing Since she can continuously proc with Frost Arrow to slow Trynamere down. As for other champions try to us ranged Ad or Ap carries with strong CC skills.+ Rayla's or Frozen Mallet/trinity force to proc slows outside of your abilities. Have a nuked close at hand to finish him off after his Ult' dies, and watch out for Guardian Angel.

Some champs are countered by certain other champs and some are countered with certain items and champs. After a few trial and errors you will find them.

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