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Need help with Singed/Amumu EUNE

Creator: Bobby Conzales May 1, 2012 10:11am
Bobby Conzales
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May 1st, 2012
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Yeah so, if anyone wants to show/tell some tips to make an ultimate AP/tank I'm always ready to learn! =D
I'm a level 28 newbie, so hope you got patience if you want to help! :)

Also looking for TEAM/GROUP to play with.


Ingame; Lusikkaaaaaaaaaa. 10 A's! Feel free to add me if you're willing to help. :)
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May 1st, 2012
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Singed is a really simple champ to play, amumu can be alittle more tricky.

Singed's build (atleast mine) goes!.... Spells: Ghost and telaport. Items: Regrowth pendant, 1 health pot to start with. Going back as soon as I have enough money to finish off the philosopher's stone. If everything goes well in the lane I don't go back untill I can buy a Catalyst the Protector. During the whole laning play.. all you do is farm, rushing in to get the enemy champ ONLY IF your jungler is ready to gank. After boots I finish off the Rod of Ages. Now this is where I might differ from a few other "singed players" I always get a Warmogs after my rod. I find it helps alot with its hp, and hp re-gen. After getting that... I normally get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter really just for the slow effect on the poison, it helps alot trying to slow down an enemy to flip them into your team OR to help your team get away. If the other team has alot of AP then id get a Force of Nature, if they are alot of AD... (again this is where i differ from the normal singed player) I would just get another warmogs or even a Sunfire cape.

Singed has awesome hp re-gen! So building to best use that is always a good idea. Taking Ghost is just an always with singed. Singed can tank a whole team and taut them just by being at "low health" even if you still have over 1000 left! If you build him to fast people don't chase you and thats what you want! So learning how to make people chase you is what makes the difference from a good singed player to a great singed player. Even if your having a bad early game.. singed get MORE AND MORE tanky late game. I have had more life then mundo players and better hp re-gen. (aside from his ult) The main trick to singed is all how you bait them enemy. His smoke won't do that much dmg alone... but it doesnt have to. If you bait him into a team mate.. all you do is run back and flip him! I only used singed for solo top, but been thinking of trying to jungle with him!

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