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New Player looking for Nice mentor

Creator: TheCoinOperator
April 24, 2012 10:44am
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Hey I am the Coin operator, I have just download the game and made a account and will be able to play in a few hours. I am currently looking for someone that could help me learn the character that I like the looks of and that also matches my game styles I will take suggestions if you have any.

Before you ask how do I know about this website well my friend showed it to me to help me learn I could look at equipment and all that stuff and also look at the characters to find one that seem interesting to me he says all the character are unique and awesome. I do not want to ask him for help since he is a real jerk and command freak plus he never uses a character like he is suppose to from what I heard by the opposing team when I was there I read the chat.

Anyway now to tell you what type of character that I wish to start with is a bit difficult to say since my friend told me to pick one of the cheap ones which are 450 ip cause I can unlock them easy after I have completed the tutorial. One of the character I like profile on what she does is Annie. I like the fact that she is a pyromaniac makes me like her a bit but she seem to be complicated to play since she does not do well against damage heavy opponent. Like I said do she is one I would like to learn but she is not really my style of character which is more fast attacking while being hidden. Stealth class would probably be known as I love rogues in dnd.

I am going to do the tutorial and all that in two hours or so and would appreciate if anyone can come here a say a few words of advice or even be willing to be my mentor. I am from Canada so I believe the server name is North America (correct me if I am wrong). I will try to play while I wait since I did see my friend play and all I think I can manage if I am against the same strength as my self. Thank you for your time and your patience as well I hope that I meet some of you during I play the games and hopefully someone will be willing to help me learn the game better.

Thank you for reading,
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You can PM me if you have any questions about items, champions, strategies, etc. Won't be able to help much online since I'm on the EUW server.
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Feel free to add me in game, my IGN is The Overmynd. Im kind of a mentor here on Moba and would be happy to add another student XD
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