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Nocture: Any Tips and Tricks?

Creator: Wasted4Ever July 27, 2012 8:08am
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Dec 27th, 2011
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I'm thinking about getting Nocturne, as he is free this week, and personally, I like him. However, the games I played were from blind pick, so I don't really know if I can play well. Are there any tips or tricks any of you guys can tell me for jungle Nocturne? I really want to buy him, but I need advice first. Thanks guys.
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Mar 14th, 2012
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Position your Q so that the path is alongside the enemies' escape point.
Get intuitive (I think that's the word?) into using your Spell Shield. You can use this after you've used Unspeakable Horror, so that a champion can't just CC you and run. Nocturne has a base MS of 320, and he starts Boots and 3 pots (I think, I have no clue what he starts with generally, so uhm, let's hope Psiguard or somebody comes in here because they should be more helpful) so it should be pretty easy to get a fear off, unless they Flash.
While looking at your map constantly is key throughout the game as a Jungler (as any other role as well, but a Jungler needs to be looking for gank opportunities as much as possible), after you hit 6 and have your ultimate up, noticing what's going on with your teammates is important. 4 second blind can help an ally get away from enemies, or set up ganks really easy.
Remember to write down objectives respawn timers on chat. Label the blue/red buffs with which side they belong to.
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Nocturne is a really strong jungler and has
the potential to be a real threat if he gets fed.

General tips would perhaps be:

1 - Make sure you're close enough to the minions
in the camps for Umbra Blades to hit all of them.

2 - Don't only use Paranoia for when you're going to gank,
but also use it to help your allies in fights, as it restricts

3 - Follow a guide on him. You don't have to follow the builds,
but you can still read up on the advice given.

4 - Be careful when using Duskbringer in the jungle, as it
can give away your position; since it flies through walls. Especially
true if you're counter-jungling.

5 - Rather basic, but remember to make sure you're in range, before
you use your ultimate. You can do this by hovering your mouse over
his ultimate, whereby the range will display on the map. Otherwise
you won't be able to fly to your target.

6 - When ganking and you use your fear, try stay as close as possible
to your target, as some might flash and thus break the tether. If you
stay close enough however and perhaps even use Dusk bringer and/or
flash yourself, you'll be able to stay in range and thus still proc
your fear.

7 - Before ganking, pay attention to who it is. Because you might be able
to make them waste an ability on you, if you can time your spell shield.
That might save one of your allies from a stun, thus further helping you
both secure the kill. This goes for generally when playing Noc; trying to make
people waste their abilities on you, as you use your spell shield.
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