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Pantheon tips?

Creator: UmbraV June 7, 2015 11:28pm
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Jun 6th, 2015
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I am a new player to league (lvl 12) and my favorite champion is currently Pantheon.
At top, I find myself getting more kills and being more fed than my opponent, but my lane still gets pushed more. My turrets are taken more quickly.
Help please!
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Oct 4th, 2014
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You're probably focusing too much on your kills, I mean I got a lot of kills but that's because I've been playing for a while now and getting better. First and foremost you should worry about the basics of laning. Like if your lane opponent dies and it's your kill, it's a good call to recall if you have to gold to get an item advantage. Also, knowing when to push is a good start as well. Which is typically when your laning opponent dies. The best hint I can give to pushing the lane in for that situation to get a lane reset and force them to miss would be to start with the caster minions. Although, don't worry too much about this now since you're only leveling. But, if you get a lot of kills now you're well on your way to getting better at this game. Another piece of advice, don't start ranked before you're ready.
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Apr 25th, 2014
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First make sure you don't level all your spells at the same time, it's a current mistake for low lvl/elo players to max all their spells. You generally want to have your Q maxed first for maximum poke in lane. Then E, because W is just for utility, and of course max your ultimate whenever you can (6/11/16).

I'm not entirely sure if you're saying that your other lanes are losing or if you talk about your toplane.

In the first scenario, you can help other lanes efficiently with Pantheon you can ult just behind your ennemy to land on their face and kill them with your allies. So if you're winning your lane and got a good lead, roam and try to help your team.

If you're talking about your lane, I don't really understand, how can you lose turrets faster if you're the one winning, they should not even get close to your turret o_o'

One important things to note is, try to last hit the minion. If you don't land the killing blow on them you'll not get any money, it may seems like it's not that much, but it gives you an immense income of gold + Pantheon is really easy to last hit with, due to his E's passive.
windmills's Forum Avatar
May 12th, 2015
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I see your problem. Right now Pantheon is trash tier. Currently the best top laner is Mordekaiser. Some other top laners are usable but they're not very good compared to Morde. So I'd recommend picking him up. If you have to play Pantheon though, ult onto the other team's tanks to peel for your team. There's no reason to ult onto their adc because at your level all adc's are bad.

If you want you can check out my Mordekaiser Guide Once a month I update it daily.

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Jun 21st, 2015
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I play Pantheon a lot, though I usually Jungle with him. Pantheon is incredibly good at harass and assassinating enemy players, but he has horrible wave clear. The easiest way to increase your wave clear ability is by picking up a Ravenous Hydra. The downside to Ravenous Hydra is it doesn't give you as much damage for its cost as other items so your dueling ability will be slightly decreased.
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Jun 4th, 2012
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always Q milliseconds before using W. They have the same range (I think) so you can always squeeze that extra bit of damage. Oh and you ult is great for roaming so if you're ahead you could push the wave into enemy turret and ult mid/drake

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