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Proguides coach explaining how armor and magic...

Creator: Zonx9 August 5, 2021 8:31pm
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Aug 5th, 2021
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Hello,Zonx here and today i will write how armor and magic resist work and synergize with health as well as how armor and magic penetration effect them.There will be some math in this explaining so if you dont understand feel free to ask further questions :).
For new players let me explain what armor and magic resist are
-Armor is defensive stat that lowers enemy physical damage dealt to you and magic resist is defensive stat that lowers magic damage dealt by enemies.
-Armor penetration lowers enemy armor which allows you to do more physical damage/kill them faster.
-We have 2 types of armor penetration, % armor penetration and lethality-which is flat armor penetration.
-We also have magic penetration which lowers enemy magic resist allowing you to do more magic damage/kill enemy faster,there are also 2 types of magic penetration,% magic penetration and flat penetration called just "magic penetration" with number added to it.
We will come back to armor and magic penetration with some examples once we explain how armor and magic resist work.Your defensive stats (armor and magic resist) and health give you effective health-amount of damage enemy needs to do to kill you.So to calculate how much effective health you got you need to know how armor and health effect each other.The way its calculated is that for each 100 hp you get aditional effective hp based on how much armor or magic resist you have.
Lets give Examples:You have 500 hp and 100 armor/magic resist,as it says for each 100 hp so its 5*100 armor/magic resist+health you have>500+500=1000 effective health,enemies have to deal 1000 physical damage or magic damage in order to kill you.Lets increase that number to something tank like.4000hp and 250 armor.Thats is 4000hp+40*250>4000+10 000=14000 physical damage needed to kill that tank.Knowing how this works will hopefully help you realise how much some champions such as adcs need armor penetration to lower amount of effective hp they need to deal,but how much do they lower it actually.Lets calculate that,lets take item such as Lord Dominik's Regards which gives 35% armor penetration and see how good it is.Again we have tank that has 4000hp and 250 armor,but in this case our armor penetration lowers his armor from 250 to 160 which lead to 4000hp+160*40>4000+6400=10400,adcs has to do 3600 less damage to kill that tank which is actually a lot less.If you made it this far, i wanna say thank you for reading and i hope this helps you understand this more,feel free to ask me anything and have a good day!!

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