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Questions about general lane-pushing strategy

Creator: Sprelf November 4, 2010 2:21pm
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Nov 4th, 2010
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I'm a level 12 summoner currently, fairly new to the game. I played DotA a little bit a few years ago. I generally feel I have good control and a good idea of what to do with my champion. My friends and I have been doing some 3s, and early to mid game we dominate. We communicate very well and manage to pick off their champions regularly while mutually protecting ourselves from being ganked. (Currently we play as either Mundo-Annie-Kayle or Mundo-Poppy-Katarina).

However, going into the late game, we seem to just stall. We get the first towers down on both north and south quite easily. We have complete lane dominance. But it becomes an incredible struggle to get the next towers down... when they all 3 sit behind the tower and pick off the minions before they can hit it we can't seem to move forward whatsoever, as we can't fight them under their tower in most cases. We try alternating back and forth but it seems to do no good.

We've even had a game where we repeatedly knocked down both inhibitors as they respawned but couldn't seem to get that last tower (it heals itself, which I found odd). Eventually we tried to push to kill it but we wiped and they just ran in, killed our tower + inhibitor + final tower before we could respawn, and we lose the game while very far ahead in kills.

I'm guessing theres just some basic strategy in the game to handle this situation that I am unaware of, if anyone could enlighten me.
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Jun 14th, 2010
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Usually, your team should have at least one ranged champion or a skillshotter (I.E. Mundo) because for 3s, you'll always want the opponent to be going back, missing out on experience. Once it's a 2v3 from harass, you're generally going to be able to swipe a tower. Constantly get Dragon/Red buff, let your Carry take minion kills and champ kills. If you can harass one lane with 2 champs, let the carry run around the back and hit that turret. In general, though you're going to have to wait till the other team makes a BIG mistake (extend too far, etc.)

Restrictnine#5232's Forum Avatar
Jul 18th, 2010
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Personally, I find 3v3 more about ganking than about straight up pushing. The map is way smaller than SR, so the choke points are nearly universal. Wait in the bushes, and you KNOW they arent just going to wait at their tower all day, because if they do, you can just push the other tower. If they do come in the bushes, cleaver, focus the carry, and then have at whatever is left of their team comp. Also, when built correctly, Mundo can easily BD towers, even by himself. You dont need a head on push to win. Or you could simply tower dive. Towers in TT are way weaker than in SR. just focus carry and GTFO. Dragon always helps too. Be creative. I KNOW DotA players love to gank, so just do what DotA does best. gank. lol. its honestly the only way to play TT. 5v5 strategy doesnt work in 3v3.
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Chaotic Bliss
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Aug 26th, 2010
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I think that TT is a ganking map. The thing about TT is when it comes to towers, any successful harassment can get you a tower kill early.

My is one of those builds. Ive been able to harass well enough to get a tower down by LvL 5 with me in the top lane. Pushing in lanes is an art sorta speak. It requires extreme map awareness and a sharp mind.

Map Awareness is keep in TT since it is a ganking map. Ganks can halt a push if you arent careful. Wards are a must if you are going to dominate the map. Skill Shot champs like , , to name a few, are great for TT. These Skill Shots can give your team an edge, and stop ganks from happening. Stealthers are a great asset on TT. and are great on TT. You will need to use wards to counter wards, but it all helps with map awareness.

How does that help with lane pushing? Well if you can ward ket locales can allow you to push a lane and spot ganks. You will also be able to see if you have a clear path out. Sometime we can be cut off, not ganked, and with that map awarness it can save you from making one wrong turn.

Also I find that choosing a lane to focus helps with tower control. For example, and take the bottom turret, should come to help push that bottom tower for a few minutes. This will bring the whole team to defend the inner tower, and than someone ( I would suggest), can BD the top turret. Kat and Mundo have great harassment power, so they can keep pressure on the tower. Again wards are advised. If you can focus a lane, you can claim both outer towers and than repeat the process for inner towers and inhibs.

Thats how I usually get things done. And the right team comp can do this very well and very fast.

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