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Sejuani help

Creator: Mashico April 7, 2013 9:17pm
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Feb 27th, 2013
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Ok so i recently started playing her in my dominion games and holy **** shes awesome and i pwn like crazy, however she dosnt do to well in summoners rift. So why is that is it me or something else? also i heard they are going to rework her dose that mean i will haft to learn how to play her all over again or is she just getting a new skin and new animations?
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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shes going to be getting a slight rework, her passive is getting changed so youll have more armor and mres when fighting people and her Q is getting a buff, W is going to be changed slightly, permafrost is basically the same exact thing and her ult is going to be nerfed a little bit but not too bad

honestly the biggest thing youll have to deal with is the change to her W and not having a 10% slow on everything

info on the rework can be seen in the link i posted
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Jan 4th, 2013
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It's actually not very big changes that's coming to her. Personally I see her rework as an overall buff to her. I'll explain to you the changes that's coming to her apart from the visual ones.

Sejuani's passive is going to get changed. Whenever you hit an enemy with a spell or ability you gain increased armor and magic resist and also reduces slows. Her current passive (the 10% slow) is not going to be removed but they moved the effect as a passive to Sejuani's E spell.

Besides that her E is getting an early game buff as it will slow more in the early but scales to the exact same amount (70%) at rank 5.

Her W is going to be a little different. When you activate it your next basic attack will deal extra damage (AoE) and after this she will start swinging her flail, dealing damage, the same way as the old W. I haven't really managed to figure out if this will be a buff or a nerf but the damage is going to scale differently compared to her old W. It will deal it's damage over shorter time which will allow for a more burst-like damage. This is great for her, if you manage to lock 3 or more enemies down with your R you'll be able to damage them more before the stun runs out.

Her Q is getting buffed as well. It will now knock enemies up into the air on hit and also deals a percentage of the enemies health as magic damage. Besides this the base damage is going to be a little higher than before, while the AP ratio remains the same. Overall a quite noticeable buff.

Her R is going to be changed a little bit. It will no longer stun the enemy it hits for a longer time than those that gets hit by the explosion but the stun will be the same on all enemies hit. At the moment it's 2 secs for the first target and 1 sec for all in the explosion and the new one will scale like this: 1.5/1.8/2.0 This means that especially in the late game her power will be increased and you may expect to see her banned the same that people ban Malphite or Amumu because of their initiation power.

So, in my opinion a buff to every single of her spells and im very happy about this rework (Sejuani and Trundle were my favorite champions even before the rework :D) and so should you. Remember, you'll get a free skin as well! I hope this answered all you questions. Have a nice day!

P.S. I play Sejuani jungle in Summoner's Rift all the time. It just takes a bit of practice. Her early sustain in the jungle is weak so i normally recall after clearing the jungle 1 time. Her new passive should help here as it gives you armor reducing the jungle creeps's damage.

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