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Sion vs Dr.Mundo

Creator: ChaosPT
March 13, 2012 5:33pm
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So in a solo top who would have more advantage? Early, mid and late game

from my understanding mundo is tank and lacks damage right?
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Well everything I'm going to say is from my own personal experiences from playing both champions.

I think Dr. Mundo would win. His Q is good for harassing with, his W can farm minions, his E makes him hit harder (stronger the lower hp he is), and his Ult heals lots of HP. Early game he's got the harassing advantage; he can play much more aggressive than Sion. Sion will run out of mana if he wants to harass too. This is both AP and AD Sion. Mid game Mundo begins to get tanky, and his cleaver starts to do more than 280 damage. Late game Mundo just runs around very tanky and ults. Difficult to kill.

But that's from my own opinion. If the two were laned against each other, if I were mundo I'd just be throwing cleavers at Sion to wear him down. And if I were playing as sion I'd pop my shield up, stun mundo, and start hitting him. Mana will run out fairly fast.

Sion's ult requires auto attacks to heal whereas mundo's ult just takes away 20% of current hp and heals you up.
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