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Some advice or tips for playing Graves please!

Creator: Taffy July 6, 2012 4:21pm
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Feb 22nd, 2012
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Hello people of Mobafire!

Lately I've been playing as Graves and have been enjoying him as a change from the ad's who don't do good burst like Ashe or Caitlyn.

But I'm stuck, I seem to lose with him more often than win and I think it's because I'm not exactly sure how to play him, I asked Luther for help and he said 'step forwards, the enemy will either fight or flee' and that was pretty much it ;) (Thanks Luther!)

What's the best way to poke with Graves? When in a team fight what's the best combination of moves to perform? Should you start with his W do disrupt the team or R when they're all grouped?

His attack range is shorter than Ashe which often leaves me a little scared to advance, and quite often she pokes me to death without me being able to return the favour.

Any advice as always will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading :)

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The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Well my advice is to pair up with a
good friend, where he tanks for you.
I play Leona, with one of my friends
and he plays some kind of carry. We usually
stomp the opposition. He just makes sure
to farm relentlessly.

I think it depends on the situation and what
you want to achieve really, in terms of what
order to use your skills in. The most usual
combo is just using the dash and then buckshot.

I think if you can get at least one auto-attack
off on an enemy and (if you're lucky) a buckshot,
that's great harassment already. Nothing more is
needed, except for a rinse and repeat.

In teamfights by the way, I often see the ult
get saved for last, for the stragglers, as it's
quite long range and it's also not always certain
that the others won't back away, if you start out
by using your ultimate on them as a group.

In case you haven't already, there's plenty of
guides to follow on this site; for graves too.
So maybe you should check them out ;)
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Apr 10th, 2012
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In lane, your Buckshot has a rather long range compared to your auto attacks, so use it to harass if you find yourself being zoned or losing trades in lane. Also, don't forget the potent combination of using Quickdraw to get close and then using Buckshot from point blank range for maximum effect, since it does more damage if more than one shell hits the target. Just be careful to not overextend yourself, or you might get ganked or be counterattacked and have no way to escape.

If you find that getting harassed is a major problem (because, like you said, Graves does have a rather short range), then try your best to keep your passive at full at all times. The armor and magic resist it gives you will lower the effect of harass, if only a little bit. Being in lane is all about trading harass effectively, so don't be afraid to be a bit aggressive from time to time, even if it means taking a few shots. Graves has very potent damage, so a one-on-one trade with most carries will see you coming out ahead in the early game.

In teamfights, obviously use Buckshot whenever you can for the massive AoE burst it is capable of. As far as your ultimate goes, it's either best to use at the beginning when the enemy is clumped up, or near the end to finish off any stragglers (since it has a fairly long range). If you happen to use it before a teamfight starts in order to hit a bunch of clumped enemies, make sure your team is ready to commit before you do so, because you just wasted an ult otherwise.

Smoke Screen is used for basically locking down an area of the battlefield and making it unusable, since no enemy will want to have their vision restricted. Throwing it on the ranged carry to force them out of position works wonders too. The Quickdraw attack speed buff is also quite potent; if you use it at the start of the fight to quickly get in position, it can and will help the amount of damage you do significantly.

I hope some of this helps. I'm far from an expert at Graves, but these are definitely some end-all-be-all tips for playing him, as they generally involve how he, and his skills, were made to function. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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A Chubby Baby
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Feb 14th, 2012
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lvl 6 burst is a boss. lvl 5 buckshot and lvl 2 smoke and usually kill the back 3 caster minions. rest is bump.
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Mar 10th, 2011
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my laneningphase is pretty weak, so I cant give you advice on this, just try to get as many minions as possible :P

in teamfights it is situation dependant. just hold your E back for positioning purposes. Try to W in the middle of the tf so enemies wont see anything.
Usually there will be some irelia or jax who's life mission is to kill you. use your ulti on him when they jump on you. well sometimes its good to use it into the tf... depends on the situation :/
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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First off, always look and see where the enemy laner is when farming. Get your positioning in a place where the enemy cannot harass you.
When an enemy does harass you you can just Buckshot and E away.
In lane you can do E+ Buckshot or just Buckshot to harass.

Prioritize farming.

Later on in teamfights position properly. Attack when you can and sidestep + step backwards when the enemy is getting nearer to you. Focus on staying out of range of enemy spells and attacking when you're not.
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Jan 9th, 2012
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The Quickdraw attack speed buff is also quite potent; if you use it at the start of the fight to quickly get in position,....

You die.
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