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Some things you should know when you start the...

Creator: Tewky June 24, 2010 10:09pm
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Jun 11th, 2010
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Takes practice:
You may not do so hot your first time around, not worth hating the game for it, many things factor in to a bad game. Some times it's just not a good day for you and LoL, it happens. Keep trying, practice, and learn. You'll do great some day.

At low levels such as level 1-10, there are people called Smurfs, these are players who have learned and gained the skill of the game to play at their own level. Sometimes these people decide they want to play with newbies, so they remake a random account, and play it. They do so for many reasons:
Learn new heroes
Boost their own confidence that they can win
Just havin' a bad day
Like winning
Need to improve in specific areas of gameplay

Champions, or Heroes, are the people you play as. They can be very diverse from one another, all have unique strategies for them, and most have several play-styles. Try one that you may think is interesting to you, and never be afraid to experiment.

The Game (Yeah, you just lost :D):
It's like a big game of tug of war, but with a twist. 5s or 5v5 matches are played on a 3 path map, with a forest and river dividing it all. Generally on these maps there are 2 per side lane, and 1 in the middle, or solo. 3s however are on a 2 lane map, with forests above each lane, but not below the bottom lane. The goal of the game, is to push your "rope" or minions to the enemy's base, and destroy their building. REMEMBER, you can not advance in a lane until the tower is destroyed, and each tower is sequential, tower 1-2-3-base(3s) tower 1-2-3-4-5-base(5s) you can't destroy tower 3 without first destroy tower 1 AND 2. Same goes with 5s towerset.

Lanes are separated as follows for each individual game-type:
5s Top, Middle, and Bottom. Top is the upper most and left most lanes. Middle is the middle lane, intersected by the river. and Bottom is the bottom most, and right most lanes.
3s Top, and Bottom. Top is the lane in the middle of the map, which has a slight downward arc to it. Bottom is at the very base of the map.

Jungles are the area not covered by a lane, usually identified as such because thats where the trees are :). Some special little monsters can be found in these jungles, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. These monsters can give gold, experience, and even handy little buffs to help in the game, so these fancy little creatures can turn the tide of the game quite fast if used properly. Be weary however, no one knows exactly what lurks in the jungles :p.

All heroes have their play-styles. Some have more than others, some have an excessive amount, and no two players will play the hero the same way. Shaco may be an assassin, but he can still be played as a tank. Mordekaiser may be a tank, but he can still be played as an assassin. Items forge the background for your play-style, if you want to do damage, get the specific damage items you want. Want to live longer? Get some health items, or armor/magic resistance. Items can quickly turn the tide of battle, as the game develops you see how the other team plays. If you are taking a lot of magic damage you know you can counter that by getting magic resistance, or just finding a way to kill them faster.

Just remember, it is a game, so have fun, and ignore the people who complain :).
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Feb 15th, 2010
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You might add some desc about bushes/high grass.
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Jun 10th, 2010
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bush/high grass

you can be INVISIBLE when your in it. and if ur twitch/evelyn/shaco/etc you can be DOUBLY INVISIBLE! good place for traps and ganks.
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May 30th, 2010
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I knew a girl who had bush oh it was a gank alright oh wait this isnt the off topic thread......
8=D C=8 no ****
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Jul 19th, 2010
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dak wrote:

I knew a girl who had bush oh it was a gank alright oh wait this isnt the off topic thread......

No irony, that **** was hilarious xD
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May 25th, 2010
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Very good tread
If you want help Pm me or sent me an e-mail!!

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