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Suggestions&Help for starting on ranked

Creator: Yukimaru February 15, 2012 5:18am
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Jan 14th, 2011
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Wasnt sure if i should post this in Mentoring or New Player Help section, but i decided for this one.

So basicly i have Holidays next week and thought about maybe doing some ranked games to carry myself to ~1600
I gave myself a lot of thinkin bout which Champ's for which lane n stuff, ofc there are Champ's/roles i play better then other's (that would be Support&Solo-Top) but i still have a few things on my mind and Problem i wanted to ask, basicly i gonna list Champs i thought about getting myself more known to before i start ranked and changing my rune-page according to them, i comment about every of the champs what i think of them/why i play them and probally some problems, and hope for suggestions/if concentrating on that champions is enough, so gonna start right off

~Solo Top~
Riven: Riven is one of my main-char's and THE Main i use for Solo-top, i dont got Problems against anything i fought against so far, except other Riven's who have a more offensive Rune/Startitem set-up and against what to do against Riven's that are more geared towards offense? Should i fight with them right from the bat or gain a few lvls...? Also what to do against singed? he flips me. poisons me, ofc i dmg him, but he just trolls at me for the lil dmg i do and waits a lil bit to regenerate his lost health up again~

Akali: Akali is a Champ i used to play back way in the past, and i was good on her, but lately when i pick her up, i see to start falling off the longer the Game goes...maybe some Teamfight tips here? Last game i had with Akali i waited for our Initiater to initiate and jumped right on their Ashe, but got CC'ed to death before i was able to do something...

Malphite: I never played Malph myself so far but i guess he would be the strongest counter to any ad-champ in lane, so i was thinkin bout pickin him up, with a more defense runepage geared towards armor, and a more offensive one towards mana-reg for dat Q's

~Mid Lane~
Ahri: i love Ahri since she got released i still have problems about hitting with her E...what can i say more to her..she's a strong AP pick that has more AoE dmg then single-target dmg and that is good, but she also gets banned quite often...

Akali:Same problem as above, but Akali can be played top&mid so why not picking her mid against certain AP's, at lvl 6 Akali is a rapetrain for her lane~

Annie:I dont play Annie often, but if i do, people usually praise me, also i think she's a strong pick and having a extra-runepage with Spellvamp Quints against certain Lane set-ups should give her extra surva thanks to her manaless Q.

Galio:That's somewhat the same as with Malph, if Malph is the counter against AD Top, Galio is against AP Mid, so should i also pick this guy up? I never played him so far tough...

Vlad:I like Vlad, i always liked him but rarely play him, the last time i did i carried a normal 4v5(cuz Potatis left to eat ~.~) and even got a Pentakill, im not sure if he is also strong in ranked because people are all try-hard mode...?

~Bot Lane~
Graves: AD-Carry is like my most horrible role, but i alrdy improved a lot, if that is thanks to Graves, the only AD-Carry i can play good, not sure...but yeah, as i said Graves is like the only AD-Carry i can play i screw more often then i would like my positionin in teamfights toughm but i rape the lane most of the time, somewhat same problem as with Akali i think

Sona:Sona&Soraka, my 2 favourite Support's, i used to play Soraka 90% of my Games a few months ago, but then i played Sona&Sona&even more Sona and Soraka&Sona are my fav support's, not much to say bout them, i know enough about warding, but i just love the Regrwoth Pendant+Ward&Recall as soon as Philo Stone+normal ward+pink one so i rly need to give this up and go a Mana Pendant+Ward/Potstuff build :/?

Soraka: Well she got hard nerfed last patch...i dont played her yet, but before the Patch she was my favourite "lazy" Support, willing to not use your Ultimate to early and screw up many times just brings greater results~, using her Silence is also vital, and i think Soraka is with Mana-hungry champs like Ez superior then Sona

Leona:I dislike Taric&Ali, if i play Taric i just...feed...maybe because he is gay and i always switch Alistair's Headbutt&Pulverize so i use Headbutt instead of Pulverize and the when Leona came out i played her and loved her, if i would need to play a CC-Support i would pick her or Janna

Janna: Well personally im not a fan of Janna myself, but sometimes Potatis ask's me to go Janna if he AD-Carry and he rapes...i dont rly see why Janna should be picked over Leone/Taric/Ali...her ult is most of the time's even not that much usefull...

Blitzcrank:Also another Champ i used to play quite often in the past...there was a time i got bored of my usual supports and i tried out something different, i like the Blitzcrank 40% CDR off-tank support build and i think he is a great asset to the team, grab to punish mistakes, and his POWAHFIST has 3 Seconds cd, i love to rape Tryn's with Blitzcrank in Form of CC :3

Rammus:Ok...Rammus, my usual mates i play with know i was a great Rammus, a time back when i was still young, i got 2 Champions i wanted to play, either Rammus or Corki, Why? Because i got their Beta-Skins, i failed with Corki so it was Rammus, Rammus in the lane first, later Rammus in the jungle...and i played him...a lot...a lot......i know he is a great Jungler, but i played him so often i got so friggin bored of him if i play him now, and no matter if i do good or not i just dont have rly fun with him anymore(except Dominion)

Shyvana: I pick most of my (female) Champs by how they look, and oh gawd she has a Katarina Skin and i have a weaekness for red-haired chicks, thats the reason i picked up Shyvana*lol*...she is a strong Jungler and before i would start doin ranked i would take some Private lessons from Xenasis anyways cuz hes the best Shyvanajungler i know personally...what should i say more to her...

Skarner:When i ditched Rammus i left the jungle branch for a long-long time, but then i said to myself "damn Yuki you need another good jungler, so pick one!", i failed with Lee it was Skarner, im a decent lil bit suicidal Skarner and i like to play him, but he also gets banned often, thats why there is still Shyvana(and Rammus)
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Nov 18th, 2010
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There's not much to think about when starting ranked games.

1.: This is the most important part: Just do it.
Don't be afraid of ranked games, don't be afraid of losing. The ELO system is fair and it puts you where you belong after a couple hundred of games if you play good.

2.: Have one or two champs you play at an awesome level and at least one support you're good at. Doesn't matter where those champs usually play, you can even main a support and go big.

3.: Never ever get greedy. The difference between a good and a bad player is greed.

4.: You will learn new champs and roles in your elo journey. You will be playing champs for the first time sometimes.

5.: Keep your motivation.

That's all.

El Psy Congroo.

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Jan 14th, 2011
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I'd be happy to give you some pointers as Shyvana - and if you want me to suggest any junglers that would suit a certain playstyle, just say!
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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@Riven: Against Singed you try to go aggressive early on. If he wants to fling you you can stun him before he does.

@Akali: With akali just know the picks she counters, and only pick her when you counter your lane. Akali snowballs soooo well if you have a good solo-top lane.

That's all I know so far :P

Some advice I give would be to not get overly motivated to achieve a higher goal. If you truly belong at 1.6k elo, then you will get there. Don't get frustrated too often; when you do, take breaks. There isn't a rush to get to 1.6k elo. It will take time. Taking a break is always good if you just lost a ranked game.

Master a champ of each role, as in like MASTER MASTER.

That's it :D Good luck
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Nov 7th, 2010
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1. Communicate with your team during matchmaking, tell them what you want to play, but be accomodating.

2. Communicate with your team during play, give warnings, call out baron/drag timers, direct your team telling them to push / fight / backoff and WHY. Like I will quickly type "4v5, b" or something like that.

3. If you lose a ranked game, just quit for the day or at least for a while. After you lose you will be more likely to keep losing because you will be in a bad mood.

4. Specialize in 1 or 2 roles. Know how to play a champ from every role, but be REALLY good at 1 or 2 roles and be able to play a few champs in those roles. This will let you be at your best when you get your "called" role in matchmaking.
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Jan 9th, 2012
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3rd point of Mowen is not to underestimate.
IF : You feel bad/depressed/raging because of a loose (team sucked, thay counterpicked u, whatever), you're stressed because of smthing in your IRL life or you're sick and don't feel great : do not play.

As he said in the first point : be accomodating, if the team lacks tanky champ, play one, if the team lacks hard CC, bring some, if the team needs pure damage, bring some.

Janna is super strong with coordination but super hard to play in soloQ. Generally, dont pick her at ths elo (i'm in the same elo than you) as people (as carries) dont know how to play with her.

Vlad and Galio are strong top, quite situational but give a shot in normal draft, can be deadly fun. About Galio, remember you can face an AP top. Galio brings strong CC and utility, Vlad good aoe dmg (but no real CC).

About mid and top : try to not be counterpicked (and tell your mates to not be), use the trade champ system to pick ad/supp/jungle in first. That's less important if you have a strong champ that can not be easily countered. Try to play your "main" champs against various opponent, to know better what to do against x champ, if he is hard to face or not, etc.

Train the AD carry role, you may be bad at it but other people can easily be worst. Train the last hit and the positioning aspect.
As you seem doing ok with strong early carry (graves), I recommand you to try EZ, his early and mid games are quite good.

If you do good, or you have time, help other lanes. Even a failed gank that will just make the enemy go back or be more careful can help your mate -a lot-

Going to train the jungler role, have fun during your elo-climb week and come back to tell us how it is going :D
English is not my native langage, I'm sorry about how painful to read my text are :c

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